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I think I might make friend-love-letters a birthday tradition!!! I love getting mail. In order to grow our small business, Cup of Jo earns revenue in a few different ways. We have a huge family and haven’t seen them since March so I texted all of my cousins to send me pics from their summer and had a big bunch sent to the grandparents. We choose cute / pretty/ funny cards that we know we’d love to receive and have so much fun getting beautiful mail! See more ideas about Snail mail, Snail mail art, Snail mail pen pals. In 2015, she started playing her songs live with her band and released the EP Habit in 2016. Welcome to Lovely Letters, a snail mail blog community and monthly exchange. Eek – this might be a good time to post something about how Trump is literally removing mailboxes from neighbourhoods, leaving mail in heaps unsorted for many days, and defunding the postal service on top of firing postal service workers. The best part of having your kids send letters is having them sent back to you when your kids are older! A CoJ letter exchange is such a fun idea! I love picking out collectible stamps. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Have we sparked your interest in snail mail? Obviously in-person letter writing isn’t happening at the moment, but many groups are holding meetings online. More dog pics! Video: How to Write a Letter: Best Snail Mail Supplies. She often gets a reply note and now eagerly waits for the mail each day. My best friend and I have been pen pals for over 30 years. Everyone should buy everything from them as they raise their 3 kids in the midst of trying to own a storefront too. LetterHub’s snail mail online service is one of the best that there is. I read at some point (on here?) A friend and I (and her 8 year old) are getting together to send several of these out. There have been countless famous pen pals throughout history as well. Almost 10 years ago, I became friends with another traveller in Peru. Love having a pen pal! Outside of North America, envelopes come in international standard sizes. this lady has A LOT more faith in the post office than i do! Thanks for this—I’ve been meaning to go buy some stamps and send some letters to my nephews. Christmas presents in April! Now that I live abroad, we send mail with handmade cards or pictures back to family. If you have a firm offer and a defined audience, it's worth trying one. I guess I’m making a little plug here (hope that’s ok! I love love love sending snail mail. @julie – hooray! Our mail lady even got into it and left us a package of new postcards to send. May 18, 2014 - Explore Kubra Sahin's board "Snail mail" on Pinterest. Buy stamps online or from your post office and place as many as necessary on the top right corner of your letter. They’re sitting in my car right now, waiting for me to run them to the post office, but I just don’t ever find myself in that neck of the woods (and also I feel like I’m experiencing some low level depression, which makes even small tasks like this feel insurmountable). I have a few other penpals from random parts of my life, and send and receive notes randomly with some friends. When my older daughter went to college, I bought a bunch of fun postcards, stamped and addressed them to her, and kept them on my desk. – For my birthday, a friend from out of town had local treats delivered to my door. We publish several sponsored posts each month, which are always labeled at the top. For example, if you write with fountain pens, it’s best to use smooth paper that can handle ink. By www.snailmail-ideas.com. As Olive Kitteridge said, "There's no such thing as a simple life." That never happened, but we did manage to stay in touch by mail. It was such a thoughtful surprise and I love that we were able to support a small local business at the same time. I love that! P.S. As an English Setter owner, it’s so exciting to see pictures of them! Think I’ll get on it- thanks for the nudge. Jun 19, 2020 - letters, cards, snail mail, real mail, stationery, cute stationery supplies. See more ideas about Snail mail, Mail art and Pen pal letters. I felt so, so loved when I most needed it. It’s personal. Despite this constant communication, many of us still feel a lack of human connection and are searching for the best way to keep those relationships strong from a distance without experiencing screen fatigue. For many years now, whenever I travel, I write old-fashioned postcard to a few friends and relatives. What started as a pick-me-up has turned into such a gift for both sides! I heartily agree! PS I love your cards, but would never send a card with a swear word on it, but that’s just me. Also, I am terrible at calling people. Sometimes I feel a little guilty seeing the towering stack of letters upon visits to my ultra-minimalist father’s house, but as he tells me, “that’s just one of those things that makes you who you are”. I couldn’t celebrate in-person with friends near or far, so instead I bought beautiful cards and wrote letters to all of them over the course of my birthday month. ), said to me “What’s your address out there, I’ll send you a letter.” I nearly burst from the excitement! Begin a letter with the date and a greeting. My mom and I always send a postcard to the other when we’re traveling. Getting exciting mail doesn’t have to be a distant childhood memory. See more ideas about Snail mail, Envelope art, Pen pal letters. Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Bedroom Pop. Sometimes I’ll just say hi, sometimes I’ll write out a recipe of something we made and loved, sometimes I’ll do a little drawing. 5 Reasons a KRN Book Delivery is the Best Snail Mail. And again, love that we are supporting small local businesses in each other’s communities. And I like that it allows the other person to fully take in the compliment rather than feeling like they need to respond to it like you do in person. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GreetAndRepeatCards. https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/technology/snail-mail-apps And on and on. Description. So it’s nice to hear about each others lives this way. I have an entire box of notepads I find I love – I buy them wherever I am. Could we have a CoJ letter exchange?! I also sometimes find it easier to put kind words in writing than to say them. I moved away from where I grew up so getting a birthday card or package from someone I miss is so special. Such cute stuff, just placed an order! And when she passed away last year I found a box. Sunny the Mail Snail is a lovable, adventure-seeking mail snail who delivers a weekly letter to kids (ages 4-8) around the world. Love this! Yes, I can relate to that. LOVE to send the random, out-of-the-blue card to someone special “just because” … it’s the best feeling to send, and of course to receive! As for cards, if you do not know Sapling Press already, I highly recommend you check them out immediately! Topic Suggestion: Personalize your letter by describing how you intend to use the specific gift item. It was in that period where you often wonder if you are perhaps a terrible mom – in my case, breastfeeding wasn’t going well, I didn’t handle minimal sleep well, and my baby naturally wasn’t a cuddler so I secretly felt kind of rejected by her. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GreetAndRepeatCards, https://action.momsrising.org/cms/thanks/2020_GOTVpostcards_3rd?action_id=24052287&akid=.2980217.tZC_B7&ar=1&rd=1&source=hp, https://theartofhomegrown.wixsite.com/home/post/the-beauty-of-letter-writing, https://www.inthepublicinterest.org/the-billionaire-behind-efforts-to-kill-the-usps/, John Derian Lives in a Sea Captain’s House, Behind the Scenes: Making a Magazine Cover. PSA: Trader Joe’s has the cutest cards for any occasion, and lots of fun blank ones as well and they’re 99 cents. I rescue most of my stationary from thrift shops, but however you source it, I think everyone should give it a try. While teaching remotely during quarantine, I sent postcards to 320 of my students, grades K-2, telling them I missed them and hoped they were enjoying their time with their families. And one, and 89 year-old woman named June, called to thank me. Cool Gifts Best Gifts Awesome Gifts Snail Mail Gifts Customer Service Week Cool Calendars Fun Mail Hopscotch Happy Mail. Second this! Those letters are like a present when they arrive. Thanks to corona I discovered our post service has an app which lets you upload pictures from your phone and send them as a card (you can include a message on the back). This is by far our favorite way to engage our 2.5 year old’s art projects — he paints or draws or colors, then we fold it into a card and he narrates a message to someone he loves (a friend of his, friends of ours, family members, teachers) and then we mail it. To me it’s one of the marks of true friendship and compatibility if you can just write someone a card saying “hey, what’s up?”, Also, if you’re like me and bad about not keeping cards on hand, Trader Joe’s always has a great selection, including blank and thinking of you cards, and I always grab a few while I’m waiting in line to check out. We were always a thank you card family but we’ve even started getting on birthday cards in addition to the just because cards. I’m sure the recipients would be absolutely thrilled! I’ve been using Ink Cards- it’s an app that lets you easily add photos from your phone to a postcard. During the lockdown (in France), I just totally failed at homeschooling (I was the French teacher, my husband did the maths and was the best), but so I gave “points” to my son anytime he would write a card to a grand-parent so he could practise his writing (he’s 6) or whoever he wanted (a total of 20 points would get him a new scooter), and it turned into amazing art projects: we made the cards together, then the writing, then the envelope (a lot of toothbrush painting); people at the post office were very excited about the little boy with his oversized artistic envelopes. Just LOVE your blog! You will also enjoy news, swaps, and giveaways! Over time my circle of recipients expanded and I started sending cards to old friends I had lost touch with, sparking wonderful renewed connections. Thank you for reading! Anywho, maybe someday I’ll send them with a note on the back that says, “I can’t remember what I wrote in this back in March, but here you go anyway!”, (After re-reading this, I JUST realized that I could just stick them in my mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up. Albums include Lush, Habit, and Pristine. First, write the date in the top right or left corner of your paper. “I went to the boardwalk and watched a seagull steal a hot dog out of a child’s hand” is more fun to read than “I had a nice weekend.” If you hope to open a dialogue, be sure to ask questions or give a prompt to inspire your friend to write back. Though you’ll never go wrong with “dear” or “hello,” the joy of letters is that you can be unique and express yourself however you choose. When addressing, write the address parallel to the longest edge of the envelope. Common sign-offs appropriate for friends include “warm regards” and “yours truly.” You can have fun with an elaborate sign-off like “your old friend and erstwhile companion”, Whether your pen pal is a long-time friend or a complete stranger, the best part is exchanging stories about your daily lives. The reaction from people was so sweet; no one expected us to announce the pregnancy through snail-mail, but we don’t actively use social media, so it was right for us. No. If you are interested in connecting with people around the world, this list of amazing websites to find pen pals will help get you started. I hope and picture it bringing smiles to everyone who passes it along to be delivered to my friend. LetterHub makes the process of sending snail mail online a breeze. Sometimes we talk on the phone, very rarely do we text, but always, always we send letters. I save all of the letters I’ve received. Since then, good old-fashioned snail mail has become our most beloved way to show we’re thinking about someone. My roommate sends letters to incarcerated folks (through coalition for civil freedom) – everyone loves getting mail and it means something extra special for those who can’t communicate freely in other ways. Little things, but most of my life is little things! I had 3 penpals when I was a kid (I don’t remember exactly where I got their information from?) When should we write? May I recommend postcrossing (www.postcrossing.com) to you and your kids? He said that buying stamps and sending more letters is great — and they also have swag! We’d talk about the new stamps, their dogs and they were as much my coworkers as the ones in the office. The Snail Mail ProjectA project to enjoy and protect the art of Snail Mail. After going back to our respective home countries, we started sporadically sending each other random postcards. I am going to start writing letters now, then print & snail mail. We’ll send each other letters, postcards, envelopes with little gifts inside… I have horrible handwriting and one choice of card, while my friend writes in cursive, uses different colored inks, and even seals her letters with wax! You should follow the instagram handle @sanitythroughsnailmail. Snail mail is amazing. Love this! Snail Mail. about being enthusiastic for other people to help alleviate the anxiety of new interactions and so in 2020 that was my goal. Which Songs Would (or Did) You Choose For Your Wedding? My parents saved the letters my children wrote them and it’s so fun to see them years later – the handwriting, the content . You may choose to use a stamp code—Victorians would tilt stamps at strange angles to communicate secret meanings—but make sure you warn your recipient. The other thing I do once in a while is put some of my kid’s artwork in an envelope and mail it off to their great-grandmother in Texas. this post is so timely! She had saved them all!! Ladyfingers is one of my FAVORITE shops. There are various factors to consider when choosing the perfect paper for your handwritten letter, such as paper size, weight, and sheet style. Lovely! A ✓ marks envelope/paper pairings that are designed for compatibility, an OK marks pairings that aren't intentional but still work, and ✖ marks pairings that fit inelegantly or take more than two folds. “Photo of dogs… just because” – made me giggle! I love all those cards You featured too! It made my day! https://www.odettepress.us/. COVID obviously put a damper on celebrating events with friends (especially if they live hours away) and even snail mail to other countries was stalled for a while…but local businesses have really stepped up their delivery game. I loved having a pen pal growing up (she was from wales, and now we’re friends on facebook and insta!!). We have suggestions for letter topics for all occasions later in this guide. See more ideas about Snail mail pen pals, Snail mail, Penpal. so I would certainly send the Garden Party one. Snail Mail's music is heavily guitar-inspired. During Corona lock down I sent postcards to all my uni students (144!) You said it. What we are missing is a more personal connection that technology doesn’t always facilitate. Also, I’ve really been on a tea kick lately and Coconut Thai Chai sounds delicious. Snail Mail's Lush was nominated for Breakthrough Artist/Release and Best Rock Album at the 2019 Libera Awards I was feeling really down about my birthday this year (July 4th) and the one thing that really, really got me through (and reignited a lot of positive feelings I’d been generally missing my my life) was getting a record number of birthday cards in the mail – 22!! I recently asked my very nice mail carrier, Dan, about how we could best support USPS. Yes to that! When my nephew in NY was learning to write and spell, I jumped on the chance to be his pen pal. I closed with “Stay well, and keep reading!” Huge hit! Finally, leave your letter in a postbox or in your own mailbox. http://accuracy.org/release/charles-koch-behind-efforts-to-kill-the-us-postal-service/. today's guest (last but not least!!) ), I LOVE receiving and sending notes in the mail… but in the end, I end up with a box full of lovely cards that feel almost like they’re going to waste? We teamed up with Studio Ink to put together a list of the best reasons why snail mail is the best mail… We’ve also exchanged books, small gifts, vegetables from my garden. I literally just wrote about snail mail today! I have a note in my phone where I document mail sent weekly to ensure our grandmas and close family are feeling loved with frequent letters! Oh how I love mail. but I lived for those letters! Which now isn’t so fun when most of its all bills. It was also a low-key way to reconnect with people who I’m not good at keeping up with regularly. I was hoping to see this in the post as well! I addressed and stamped them and sealed them with a pretty sticker–and then never sent them. I hope you do so! It gave me something to do and she loves getting them–she has kept them all. Now? JetPens carries C6, C5/6, and DL (“Dimension Lengthwise”). 9. Postal Service), and good old marketing brochures. I’ve sent out quite a few handwritten cards in the five months I’ve been in quarantine, and I always send snail mail thank you notes for gifts and when people offer me hospitality. As a personal and authentic touch, all KRN books are addressed with the student’s name which makes kids feel important and encourages ownership at a young age. I’ve been missing the relationships that I used to be able to nourish regularly — with my church, my friends, my family, my community, my co-workers, even the cashiers at Trader Joe’s! If you don’t have any stationary on hand, or don’t feel like it’s the right moment to purchase any, I’m a big advocate for making your own. Additionally, buying stamps consistently helps me feel like I am supporting the post office (there are so many good choices too!). It is an eye-opening read. We also sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of products we link to. Aug 21, 2020 - pen pal letters stationery handwritten notes stickers craft scrapbook snail mail envelope. It has been so lovely (especially since March) to connect with smart, kind women with whom I have some things in common. Even when we all got access to email, facebook, etc., we have an unspoken rule to only share news in letters. Maybe COJ could encourage its readers to buy as many stamps as possible and to call their representatives so that we can still get cute cards like this in the very-near future? You have a chance to get them to look to begin the conversation. I’m regularly sending post cards to my son’s best friend (who started at West Point last month), my teacher coworkers (to offer encouragement during these trying remote learning times), and one of my son’s former teachers who recently started a new job in a new city. Me and my best friend started a snail mail tradition a few years ago when she moved 1,000 miles away, and it’s the best! Her French is great, but her English needs work. The best way to look at this is to compare direct mail marketing to digital marketing. We’ll send each other letters, postcards, envelopes with little gifts inside… I have horrible handwriting and one choice of card, while my friend writes in cursive, uses different colored inks, and even seals her letters with wax! it took me about an hour to upload this post simply because i go... Snail Mail Gifts Snail Mail Pen Pals Pen Pal Letters Diy Letters Friendly Letter Envelope Art Idee Diy Origami Happy Mail. They don’t have computers or smart phones so it’s the only way they get to re-live those memories and they LOVE it so much. It’s a good time to support the US Postal Service too. Here are a few cards, if you’re in the mood…. Get the optional plush Sunny stuffed toy, a world map poster, and an adventure box to store all of your Sunny swag. Love this! To quote William Wordsworth, “fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” Elegant touches like subtly scented ink and, Snail mail doesn’t even have to be handwritten! For more information, read our guide to paper sizes. if you wanna see for yourself: https://theartofhomegrown.wixsite.com/home/post/the-beauty-of-letter-writing. Topic Suggestion: Write a list of things you appreciate—especially things they may not notice. We like these whimsical. Topic Suggestion: Keep it brief so you don't overstuff your envelope. Stay safe and healthy. Aside from the lovely lovely sentiment, she drew a picture of a super cute cartoon unicorn ? They wait for it. We don’t necessarily write about the big life events, but just the fun little things that have recently brightened up our days. What kid (or adult) doesn’t love getting mail (that isn’t a bill)! I always have my cel phone pics printed and sent to my grandparents after family functions (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter dinner, Summer BBQs) because it’s SO cheap and easy to do. Trader Joe’s card section has become one of my “simple pleasures!” And sending a card ALWAYS feels good! If you’re in the US, your envelope must be bigger than 3.5 inches by 5 inches, smaller than 6.125 inches by 11.5 inches, and not more than a quarter inch thick. With the ample free time that came with childhood, I’d write to anyone and everyone. I love them so much. By becoming a member, you will receive a handpicked list of 6 new pen pals to enjoy plus 6 members will receive you on their list. We’ve decided that this (November / December) will be the last Lovely Letters exchange. Sending creative letters to penpals all over the world You can find more snail mail inspiration on www.snailmail-ideas.com It’s a great way to feel a connection, even though we are far apart. I love letter writing! I am SO ANGRY about this right now. See more ideas about Snail mail, Mail art, Snail mail art. I always send postcards to friends when I go on vacation and send a birthday card if I’m not going to be seeing them for their birthdays. I’m one of those people who loves Valentine’s Day, so I always mail valentines to my family and closest friends. Feb 11, 2020 - Explore emmatomasta's board "SNAIL MAIL", followed by 138 people on Pinterest. We’ve taken a break over the summer, but I’m looking forward to starting up again this fall. Spending all the € in a card shop – I hear you. Welcome! on the front and coloured its mane with glittery pink nail polish, giving it a super cool 3D effect. Ready to start writing letters but don't have any cute stationery? If you believe there's no better envelope for a handmade card than one that is stamped with love, TE's Snail Mail stamp set is for you! The recipients loved them and made them happy, and thats what matters :). I always grab a few when I go. speaking of snail mail… did you know there’s so many Letter Writing Societies popping up across the country?! It’s actually more fun this way because you’re never expecting it. We feel connected, it’s quick and easy, and no issues with the time difference. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. He loved it and we kept it up for a year! Snail Mail discography and songs: Music profile for Snail Mail, formed 2015. Quarantine has been tough for me this week. https://frogandtoadpress.com/collections/greeting-cards. We recommend pairing the, Envelopes should be addressed on the center front, with a return address in the upper left corner or on the back flap. You get to keep the message but send the beautiful card along to live a longer, more adventurous life :) this is such a lovely idea. It’s been so sweet to see how she is adapting to this different world. I think someone told me that the art on those cards is by TJ’s employees! A few weeks ago my 3 year old wanted to mail a card to his 4 year old brother (yes, we all alive in the same apartment), so we did! It has been a fun way to stay in touch with college friends spread all over, and also fun with friends-of-friends who you don’t know personally (yet). I’d write him letters asking a couple of simple questions and telling him something I was up to in Chicago. I left short “let us know if you need anything! Whenever I’m on holiday, in my country or another, I always look out for more postcards for my stash. But I enjoy choosing and writing them even more. Right, that’s it: I’m buying some cards this weekend and sending notes. I love seeing English Setters out in the wild, they are beautiful and so sweet. Click here to see features of all envelopes carried by JetPens. Highly recommended, and easy to google better instructions than those I’ve given! LOVE THIS! Deeply moisturizing. ;-) Just kidding!! 24 days ago. In 2018 I wrote one postcard for every day of the year, and I did the same again this year for the month of May. I believe it is an Amish tradition (though I’m not Amish). I loved getting mail as a child and thought it would be exciting to receive a big colorful envelope just for them. Topic Suggestion: Be empathetic while staying positive by writing about a fond memory. Thanks for sharing! My daughters paint a bunch of cards at the beginning of the year and then we send them to cousins and grandparents on their birthdays with notes from all of us. My sister and I have been doing really creative fun pen-pal ideas all “pandemic” long! And my old coworker’s wife and I have made our sons pen pals. Mary Louise Kelly for how she handled that Mike Pompeo interview, Scott Snyder for writing a truly lovely comic about parenthood Wytches, my favorite tea company for bringing back Decaf Coconut Thai Chai, my best friend for being creative when she plays with her son. We both get equally excited though to open the mailbox and see something fun inside :), Early on in quarantine, I wrote both my grandmas and two close friends a letter each. People love it and I know I love getting snail mail:), Kind of like sending flowers to yourself… I send myself postcards when I’m on vacation with notes like “Remember this.” or “You’re so adventurous!”. There have been countless famous pen pals throughout history as well. See more ideas about Snail mail, Snail mail art, Envelope art. 1. I’ve been sending a handful of cards out every few weeks—in this weird world of constant connection (via our phones) but so little physical connection (thanks, covid), it feels like such a nice way to let people know you’re actually thinking about them vs. just responding to whatever they last posted on Instagram. Not only has this become something she looks forward to and a project for her to return back to us.. but we’ve also been learning so much about her that we don’t get to know during our busy family gatherings. Recommendations: Clairefontaine Triomphe Letter Set, Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen, J. Herbin Scented Fountain Pen Ink. Absolutely, according to security experts we spoke to. snail mail. The best way to look at this is to compare direct mail marketing to digital marketing. If anyone has an early elementary aged child who needs practice writing, my almost 7 year old daughter would love a pen pal to write to from France! All of these years later, I’m widowed; he’s no longer partnered; and we live on opposite coasts. love this but please add a plug for USPS if you are posting about snail mail!!! We had our 5 year old copy jokes to send to grandparents, aunts/uncles, his baby cousin, etc. My elderly uncle lives alone, is very independent and keeps to himself. Recommendations: LIFE Airmail Letter Set, Maruman Zuan Postcard Size Sketchbook, Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pens. Every couple of days I’d write a short note about what we’d done the day before, or a funny story about the pets, and mail it off. It’s been fun to zoom in on Google Maps to find neat local businesses near her home address that will deliver to her. The account brings so much joy – lovely handlettered envelopes getting sent through snail mail. Snail Mail Documents, Statements, Invoices, and Letters. If you're interested in learning more about letter writing supplies, check out our blog The Best Snail Mail Supplies. Have you heard of Postcards to Swing States: https://postcardstoswingstates.com/ ? Indie-rock prodigy Lindsey Jordan of Snail Mail talks about FKA Twigs, training for roller derby and how reading shaped her 2010s. It’s nice to have this wholesomeness in an over complicated world cluttered with instant gratification. I keep cards and stamps on hand to make sending mail to people, or just paying a bill, an easy thing. Yes, groups of people who meet up to write letters. A letter outside these bounds will be rejected by US post offices. When the pandemic started, I joined postcrossings, which allows you to send postcards to, and receive postcards from, people all over the world. It’s so hard to say thank you for a compliment and leave it at that in person! In recent years have started to add myself to this list :), and send myself also a postcard mentioning how it feels to be travelling. Several texted me. My youngest brothe Who would you write to? For more information, check out our, You can use any pen to write a thoughtful letter, but we suggest a, A letter will be appreciated no matter what it’s written with, but you can outfit yourself to write in style. That was it. that’s lovely! You and your daughter are doing noble work. We must show solidarity for the essential service of the USPS. My aunt and I send each other goofy postcards that we come across! Email may be speedy, but the signed, sealed, delivered variety still takes the cake in our book. Cute and practical add-ons make letter writing more fun. May 1, 2016 - Explore Elise Lindell's board "snail mail" on Pinterest. Writing letters by hand is a delightful custom that was around long before phone calls, emails, or instant messaging. I stick to my parents mostly. We also got a lot of postcards back, which was fun for all of us to receive. See more ideas about Snail mail, Mail art, Envelope art. They’re such a sweet breed! North America also sometimes labels envelopes A2 through A10. Rating Required. I sent my grandma so many letters and postcards over the years. Then when they arrive in the mail after my trip is over it brings a huge smile to my face. Your snail mail arsenal can also include charming embellishments and practical supplies. It’s been the best thing to come out of this isolated time. Hugs to you for sharing! I have a stack of them on my desk always, and usually have a goal to send at least one per week or two. I am still sending a few each week. (Photo of dogs, just because, by Cara Dolan/Stocksy. Imagine not having to go to the post office or having to stuff and fold envelopes. Recommendations: Chronicle Books Assorted Notecards, Bande Washi Tape Sticker Rolls, Pentel EnerGel-X Gel Pens. And nice post, on a day when that person in the White House is actually honest enough (oh, the irony!) Expressing sympathy can be challenging, but your sentiments will comfort your friend in a difficult time. There’s nothing like getting mail when you’re a kid. I’ve received many delights in the mail! Yes to this Jo!!! If you want to create complex illustrations on your envelopes, Uni Posca Paint Markers are great for durable decorating. Making creative cards is fun for kids and grown-ups too. Last weekend we moved our youngest into her dorm and I’ve started the same thing for her. It totally made my day! We haven’t seen each other since before college when we said goodbye and agreed to come back together after graduation and get married. Peachy please, lemon squeeze can we have a COJ letter exchange??!!?? I’ve been wanting to write letters this week to maintain these relationships. :D. I know this is not a political account, but it is worth mentioning that inexpensive, convenient snail mail isn’t going to exist that much longer if the Post Office is run into the ground. I love beautiful paper and pretty stationary. :). @other alison – fantastic (on all levels!) buying stamps and sending mail will help the usps to stay afloat and we desperately need their service to have a safe and fair election in fall. It’s a delightful and simply joy. As a small child, I remember I used to feel like a million bucks when I would get something in the mail. So many people need an extra pick me up during these crazy times and cards can bring so much joy – I love being part of that :) Anyone who’s looking to stock up on fab new cards can find me over on Etsy at PaperPostDesign. As for sending actual letters (which I’ve done quite often during quarantining) I always make sure that the envelope is decorated with illustrations or stickers or just pretty handwriting. I’ve been sending post cards for the last several months. This past year I sent birthday cards in the mail to a handful of close friends and they were all so surprised! July birthday presents in November! You can send it to wherever and they will do the postage as well. Letters of condolence should be minimal and sincere. I appreciate the love in a card chosen for me. I need to get more stamps, but it sounds fun. http://www.postcrossing.com Dismiss Visit. Check out our. I have two close friends that I met while living abroad as a child. I will treasure that handmade card for as long as I live. Click here to see measurements of all envelopes carried by JetPens. It was so celebratory for me to be reminded of all the wonderful people in my life and to spend the time writing notes to them – just little cards saying how happy I’ve been to have them in my life for another year. Recommendations: Strathmore 500 Series Letter Set, Midori Sticker Marché Stickers, Pentel EnerGel Philography Gel Pens. Keep in mind that a friend will be happy to hear from you no matter the quality of your prose, and read on for more detailed letter-writing tips. Im such a fan of snail mail that with the extra time I had during lockdown I finally took the plunge and started my own stationary business! Aug 18, 2019 - Explore Grace White's board "Snail mail", followed by 366 people on Pinterest. Have you sent any mail lately? Jan 16, 2020 - Explore Bibi van Ommeren's board "Snail Mail", followed by 361 people on Pinterest. Make use of all the smartest tricks to get attention, and you'll discover that these campaigns are among the most effective small businesses run. Hard to tell which is his favorite part: making the card, narrating the message, putting on the stamp, dropping it in the mailbox, or getting a return letter/package! We both can’t wait for the day when we can meet face to face – she is particularly keen to meet my 18 month old son. We’ve been exchanging letters, and while his handwriting is kind of hard to read haha, it’s been really nice and I treasure these letters! I highly suggest this card for medical and other essential care professionals in your life! 6 Cool Apps for Sending Snail Mail 6 Cool Apps for Sending Snail Mail. Perhaps not as *romantic* as buying a card, looking for stamps, a mailbox…. I absolutely adore the $1 cards at Trader Joe’s. 7-3⁄4 and No. So said it so nicely: “out-of-the-blue card to someone special “just because” … it’s the best feeling to send, and of course to receive!”. How to Send the Perfect Care Package - A Savory Feast. I’m grateful for a slower pace that has highlighted new strengths and talents in each of us. I joined a few years ago. We cover everything from fashion to culture to parenthood, and we strive to be authentic. Among them is snail mail, which is basically the regular postal service (for example, FedEx and the U.S. 6, Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Envelopes - #125, Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Envelopes - C6, Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Envelopes - C6/5, Original Crown Mill Classic Laid Envelopes - #140, Strathmore 500 Series Envelopes - #9 Size, Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Stationery Gift Set, Etranger di Costarica Fiore Messaggio Letter Sets, Types of Pens: How to Pick a Pen with the Right Ink, Light Blue (Alpaca), Cream (Penguin), Pink (Black Cat), Purple (Panda), Pink, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Blue, Gray, White (Marimekko), Light Brown (Succulent), Blue and White (Teacup), Gray, Blue, Pink, Magenta, Red, Light Green, Champagne, Yellow, Brown. I’ve always enjoyed giving people cards with a nice thoughtful message for birthdays but also occasions of personal achievement in their lives (promotion! And run by a good friend of mine :). She is currently based in Baltimore, MD. That always makes me laugh. JetPens is accepting and shipping orders. send mail for fun and for our right to vote! When I was younger I had pen pals and letters from them made my day. My friend started this project if anyone wants to join: My son got his scout troop to do something similar to this for nursing homes in our area. Very high percentage of … If you love pens and paper as much as we do, take the time to write a letter by hand when the opportunity arises. See more ideas about Pen pal letters, Envelope art, Snail mail art. My fav is the snow hiking one. See more ideas about Snail mail, Penpal, Pen pal letters. And yes we’re still BFFs 30 years on, and we’ll still be besties when we’re old and gray and in our rocking chairs, if I have anything to say about it! Life One Touch Airmail Envelopes - Western No. 6:11. A More Personal Connection . And yes, a Cup of Jo penpal program would be amazing! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to use your pen and ink collection. No. This sounds like an ad, but I’m just really enjoying sending photos of our daughter to friends and family! (Did I mention she’s like super artistic?) Totally. A C5/6 envelope or a DL envelope will fit an A4 (or Letter) sheet folded into thirds. See more ideas about Snail mail, Pen pal letters, Envelope art. Who doesn’t like getting real mail? So many people told me how touched they were to receive them and how it made their day. Such joy! She’s lived in her home since the late fifties, and I’ve learned so much about the neighborhood and the city’s history through her. Three singles preceded the release of the album: "Pristine", "Heat Wave", and "Let's Find an Out". Often, you can start with whatever first inspired you to sit down and write a letter. My 13 yo niece was really struggling being an only child isolated in a busy city so my young kids and I started sending her fun traditional pen pal letters complete with tiny drawings and full of questions like “What’s your favourite colour?” and “What books have you read lately?”. Before Zoom, email, or instant messaging, writing letters by hand was how we communicated with loved ones far away. Snail Mail Inspiration. Now I have the joy of sharing the fun with my three children. I am such an old soul, and have always loved sending nail mail! Super affordable. It’s so fun and spontaneous. As long as I can remember, I have had a snail mail pen pal.Snail mail simply means you correspond through handwritten letters that require stamps and the use of the post office. We’ve had a wonderful year and met so many awesome bloggers, but lately life has been kicking both of us in the butt. (And postcard stamps exist and cost less than normal stamps, FYI.). Envelopes, like paper, have different names and sizes in North America than in the rest of the world. The, If you’re somewhere far from home, send a letter back to share your travel experiences. If I have stayed with someone as a houseguest sometimes I print a photo from the stay and mail it along with the note. I second this! Just like flowers, you have types of poop to choose from, depending on your level of disdain and hatred. I think we originally started with the idea of sending each other birthday and Christmas presents…but affordable overseas mail delivery can be *very* unreliable so now it’s just a whenever thing. In 2015, she started playing her songs live with her band, and released the EP Habit in 2016. Person 1 writes to person 2, person sends on letters 1 & 2 to person 3, who adds theirs in, with each subsequent writer adding their letter, then removing their old letter when it comes back around. Lush was nominated for Best Rock Album at … Whenever I go to a gift shop, a museum, a stately home, a garden centre etc the notelets are what I buy myself as a treat, in fact I have a bit of an addiction to pretty cards. I was in one of their weddings and they are some of my oldest friends. “Snail mail,” nicknamed due to its leisurely pace, might be less popular today, but it still connects friends and stationary lovers around the world. It’s a flat rate and so easy. x. Sending mail will surprise and delight people. They are in NC on a beach with chickens. A C6 envelope fits an A6 sheet of paper, or an A5 sheet folded in half, or A4 folded in quarters, and so on. (Think: a close friend, a helpful neighbor, a parent). Recently, I started creating sticker collages on the backs of all of my envelopes and it has made it even more fun to create and send! Traditionally, a letter closes with a sign-off phrase and your name. I really tired to step up my greeting card game when quarantine started because I thought it would be a fun way to spread joy and a smile! We recommend using supple sealing wax for any letter you send through the postal system. Lindsey Jordan released her self-recorded so… snail mail | best of: papered thoughts. We are in Brooklyn. Mail has always and will always be awesome. This is so silly but I LOVE those dogs!!! Watch our video to see our favorite supplies. Your local snail mail won’t be delivered for weeks. (also an avid letter-writer, but … setters! If you've put time and care into your letter, check to make sure you can mail it. . It gave me a small productive thing to do every week or so. Thinking about this a lot lately! https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/board-of-governors-of-the-united-states-postal-service-remove-louis-dejoy, Did you read this as well? Just placed an order- such a nice selection of cards. While addressing and mailing a letter are simple tasks, they contain plenty of opportunities for creativity. Click here to hide features of all envelopes carried by JetPens. Snail Mail bringing smiles to your face! The designer is a badass woman (and friend) with the best sense of humor! I send them to anyone and everyone! Shamelessly promoting a dear college friend who owns Ladyfingers Letterpress with her wife. My younger sister once asked me why I get so many letters, and I loved having such a simple answer: If you want letters, write letters. A few stationers I love are Of Note and Odette Press. Just what you said…. I am fine.”) and our relatives say they burst with happiness to get the cards in the mail. Click here to see what paper works best with which envelopes. I think everyone gets excited about post, it is lovely to know that someone is thinking about you, a great way to catch up on news, and receiving a card or letter in the post just makes people smile. Both women owned! My BFF once made me a drop dead gorgeous card just to tell me how glad she was that we were besties, when we were in our late teens. I also LOVE to have a section of notecards and writing paper in my bureau. I write every Monday and just sent another Rifle card, What’s happening is scary. Hugs to all the parents of college freshmen! Even the baby knew I sucked! What a coincidence that this is your post today: My hubby and I live on Eastern Long Island during the summer months + when we left our home in Philadelphia in May, one of our sweet, older neighbors (who raises chickens right in the city of Philadelphia— how cool is that? . I sent her the “You Are Doing A F*cking Great Job” and she was so touched. Also, it feels amazing to get mail :) It’s so special! So slow down and take your time creating something as special as a handwritten letter in our Snail Mail challenge! Off to buy some fun new stamps as well. Those are all lovely cards, but the sardine one is my favorite! Click here to hide what paper works best with which envelopes. They made a postcard with a picture of them on a recent hike and wrote a note saying that they look forward to visiting them soon. We’ve been sending SO MUCH mail since the pandemic started. Since my nieces and nephew are still young, I send them minor holiday (Halloween, Valentine’s) cards with little gifts in them (stickers, ice cream shop gift card). They all loved this project. YES! Some of my favorites were a circle of group chat text message friends who used the website Postable to send me custom postcards written “from” my favorite celebrities (which is how I got birthday wishes from the Golden Girls, Anthony Bourdain, Celine Dion, and my New Zealand Prime Minister BFF (in my heart, lol) Jacinda Ardern.) If you’re worried about keeping your writing tidy or centered, use a. A few years ago, we also talked about sending non-romantic love letters to people. Thanks for the inspiration to celebrate people’s everyday achievements going forward and not just the “big” stuff. to state in an interview that he wants the defund the Post Office so citizens can’t vote…, I’m here for the setters! Overview. I’m tickled to see that snail mail has increased in popularity this year. Family got a kick out of the little kid jokes, and he would beam when they would thank him via FaceTime later. See more ideas about Pen pal letters, Snail mail, Envelope art. Fountain pens are an undeniably classy choice with many customization options for expressing your creativity. Since her post office was closed for several weeks, we started looking into shipping each other things that would at least ship from within the other person’s country. I just mailed out a mini card I found saying “Here’s a hedge-hug, just because”, to two of my best friends, along with a face mask and it made me so happy to connect with them personally even when I can’t currently see them face to face. I’ve been sending letter to friends throughout quarantine, and it’s such a lovely way to stay connected. I love getting them and I love sending them. Comments Required. Love this! I will say, if you receive a card from someone, take a minute and text them a thank you! You sound like a great teacher. They’ve already started removing several post office box drop offs here in Portland, OR. The best new slang term of … For those who prefer not to lick stamps or envelopes, we recommend keeping a water brush handy for a simple and clean way to paste stamps and seal envelopes. Part of adulting means getting mail in the form of bills … Sending you warm wishes! Send an electronic gift card by email to a fellow pen junkie! The space for writing is relatively small so I feel like there’s less pressure to come up with more than a few sentences. The excitement of opening it up and seeing just what I had gotten! I’ve been really loving snail mail during the pandemic. https://www.queenfayzel.com. i’ve always been a big letter writer, though sure nowadays do so more via email – but i still send those rare postcards or blank cards now and again, so fun and special. One of these friends collaged a Biden campain ad into a “vote for me and also happy birthday” card. Since then, she and I have exchanged letters weekly (I walk mine over to her house, she mails hers). Kids love knowing something is coming just for them. Standard envelope sizes carried by JetPens. Postage included! It is a San Francisco-based company that sends “high quality, farm raised, eco-friendly, hand-picked animal poop” via snail mail. I’ve always loved writing cards to people and could spend all the $ in a card shop. For step-by-step instructions on how to use sealing waxes, read our Wax Seal How-To article. Snail Mail's debut studio album, Lush, was released on June 8, 2018. The Post Office is important for so many reason! We also recently used snail mail to send out “Hello” cards with a surprise pregnancy announcement inside! This has no relationship to ISO paper sizing, which also uses A as a category, and JetPens avoids describing envelopes this way. i have quite a stash of blank cards. Jun 23, 2013 - Explore Jennifer Rodriguez's board "SNAIL MAIL - What to Write About" on Pinterest. There’s lots of reasons why we should send more letters and cards. They are great for just-because notes and keeping in touch. PSA: Because of the massive delays and sabotage of the administration, I have heard that you should avoid mailing your ballots in and rather drop off at your board of elections, or your City Clerk’s Office to be safe. I blogged with photos today!! Yes! Mostly tea, surprisingly! I found a used card store that sells Pokemon cards for 10 cents!” A treasure and so fun to revisit an age that seems so far away now. Feel free to address a friend casually with a “hi” or “‘sup” like you would in real life. I think they are bad ass too. <3. Must have a lot of practice from North Pole letters! Also I teach a class of six and seven year old children at church and since church has been closed for months I send them a card each week with a little lesson written inside as well as some stickers. Best New Album by: Ryan Dombal My little nephews love getting mail ?. During the pandemic, I made a point of looking up all the birthdays of my loved ones and sending them cute postcards from a box of Marimekko postcards I found online. We do the writing but it’s nice to share pictures and “life according to kiddos” every once in a while. Joanna, this post is also hugely relevant to the moment. We have so much random artwork being generated on our end that it’s hard to appreciate it all, but send off a piece or two to someone and it becomes a scarce, precious piece of connection to the kids. We feature only items we genuinely love and want to share, and this is an arrangement between the retailer and Cup of Jo (readers never pay more for products). ‘I Have Stage Four Cancer, But I Will Not Live Like I’m Dying.’. Taking the time to write by hand allows you to slow down and choose your words with care, and when you can’t say hello face-to-face, a letter is a personal and thoughtful way to get in touch. If it weren’t for working from home, I could easily go days not even looking at my phone. 34 year old here, and I’ve been an avid letter-writer since about the fourth grade. We moved to a new home early this year, so when the pandemic hit in March we hadn’t yet met all our neighbors. It was particularly striking once COVID hit, as the letters were such a time capsule of life pre- and post-COVID. Once you’ve written a heartfelt letter, only a few steps remain before it reaches its destination. My sister makes the most beautiful, funny handmade cards. I am very interested! -My friend and I usually send overseas parcels to each other. Do or don’t: mailing thank you notes, and how to write a condolence note. Topic Suggestion: Have fun using watercolors to make simple observational paintings, or create a collage from magazines and doodles. YES! Check out this directory to see if there’s a group near you: lwsdirectory.com, I’ve always been a fan of sending mail and from working in e-commerce, taking my trips to the post office were always greeted with becoming friends with the cashiers. My husband gave me the “You are doing a fucking great job” one for my first Mother’s Day six weeks after our daughter was born. XX, YES! It’s such a simple thing to do, but our friend says her mother is touched by our thoughtfulness and she displays our cards all over her apartment. Subscribe to our newsletter for giveaways and new products! I had the same thought. I love writing cards to friends! 7-3⁄4 envelopes are also known as Monarch envelopes, despite the absence of monarchy in most of North America. Me and my best friend started a snail mail tradition a few years ago when she moved 1,000 miles away, and it’s the best! but next time I am on holiday I am going to love sending family and friends wacky holiday pictures. I love having an excuse to buy the cool new stamps. Another friend who has also always lived on a different continent and I regularly send each other little packages (books, tea, chocolate, funky socks, earrings, souvenirs from our trips…whatever!). I am 52 and have been sending postcards for as long as I can remember! He also doesn’t have a phone, so my usual way of communicating with him was just by popping over to his house every now and then, which hasn’t been feasible during the pandemic. What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Read? Click here to hide measurements of all envelopes carried by JetPens. https://www.inthepublicinterest.org/the-billionaire-behind-efforts-to-kill-the-usps/. It brings me so much joy to prepare and send them! Meghan, that is lovely! These are rough times for our essential workers. 9 envelopes are perfectly suited to Letter-sized paper. Would you do that? See. Lush is the debut studio album by American indie rock musician Snail Mail, released on June 8, 2018 through Matador Records. My little nephews are soon to be proud owners of a very cute toy mail truck, and my pup may or may not be a mail carrier for Halloween. Receiving postcards from all over the world has been great. My New Year’s resolution a few years ago was to send at least one piece of snail mail per week, and I have kept the goal up ever since. If you’re a long-winded writer, you’ll want lightweight paper since postage is determined by the ounce. :). The Best Snail Mail Supplies. For these situations, it is best to use simple, neutral-colored stationery. We can create one using Elfster (typically used for Secret Santa set up, but would work for this!).

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