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opa locka florida distribution center

Apply to Operations Associate, Area Manager, Site Manager and more! Estimated arrival date was 8/12. can help me trying to contact this post office but not getting through, my package was accidently delivered to someone else at this post office. This place needs to be shut down. My package has been stuck in Opa Locka for the past five days with no prospect of being delivered. I am wondering if your package ever arrived? I am wondering if your package ever came? package still there....its been 11 days :(, if your package for more than a couple at 1 location i would start tracking it down usually lost somewhere. PERFECTION TRAVEL (this part was missing) Need some answers please. 8020 NW 60TH ST BLDG B what they will do is take down all of your information then open up a claims case. WHERE IS MY PACKAGE #9500114837939010398297 Left Pompano on Jan. 10. Pay Rate: $14.00 per hour. It was delivered on March 19th, 2018 at 2.19pm. Phone: (866) 762-2237. Oh wait... it's run by the government, that answers everything. Nothing will ever be done about the poor scanning and tracking with USPS. On Monday, April 9, it was returned to the person who sent it to Miami. Today 10/23/18 and I still have not received my package. my advice is call the florida consumer affairs number 305-470-0890 what they will do is take down all of your information then open up a claims case. Please do not post personal information. Hello, you can giveme information about a order? This is the third time I've watched my packages sit in LIMBO or VANISH after it was logged at this location. THANKS Legal. I was to receive my package February 20th thru New fast shipping!!! Ajulia Executive Search Boca Raton. I am having same issue. UPS dropped off a envelope to them on 8/4/17 with a projected delivery date of 8/7/17...it is still sitting there at the opa locka branch ...collecting dust ....and all i get from the USPS is a runaround and nasty attitude....seriously? Competitive salary. Sherbondy Park. De La Rosa said the property is a mile from a 1 million-square-foot Amazon distribution center that was recently completed. At one point, it's apparent through their tracking feature that it's been scanned and then not moved on its way every 15 minutes to 2 hours at some points!Someone's previous revelation that it's known as a "black hole" is spot on!I absolutely KNOW the USPS in general does an AMAZING job at getting mail across the country and world for a very reasonable price, and most of the employees are hardworking, knowledgeable, and dedicated individuals. You will notice that prisoners who are imprisoned here, usually have a longer sentence. Good luck and hopefully my information will help. Thank you in advance.! Check here for all the "lost" mail in ballots, same as all my lost mail and packages, use UPS from now on. I have the Tracking Numbers. *postallocations.com is not a part of, or affiliated with, the We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. How can one PO be such a poor service provider???????? Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. I am having some serious problems with my package when it arrives at this location. The business park … Developer Avra Jain is planning a major adaptive re-use commercial development on about 6 acres of land in east Hialeah. I didn't realize it was going through the Opa Locka facility...and I didn't realize it was this bad. Package sitting at this location in Opa Loco for five days without moving? We are having some technical difficulties. Please Allow Javascript and reload this page. 【OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER】 - USPS Locations Find out the【OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER】whereabouts on the mobile-adaptive Map☝ All the devices are supported Couriers; Tracking; FAQ; Reviews; Contact Us; Track Button - Widget; OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER . Arrived at the Distro Center OPA LOCKA, FL on 09 Feb, it is now 19 Feb and it has not moved. The worst customer service in the world! and still shows last location Opa locka Florida USPS February 19th!!!! I have only read TERRIBLE reviews about this location. I love the USPS service but if your package was sent to the Opa Locka distribution center you can forget about receiving it. Last scanning was 2/7/18. For goodness sake, if you know your package has even the REMOTE possibility of being routed through this abysmal, pathetic facility, do some research and drive a few miles to another post office that sorts/routes through someplace else.My package was accepted in Hallandale in November and routed to this ABSOLUTE WRETCH of an Opa Locka sorting facility, where IT SAT FOR 13 DAYS before finally making its escape and on the way to me in early/mid December. It's been there since Dec 17. Claim this business Favorite Share More Directions Sponsored Topics. Listen to us.. I've been trying to reach you guys for 2 days now. Mail will sit at Opa Locka for days delaying delivery. Apparently some people have had their packages stalled at this facility for up to a month. $13.00/Hour . One of my packages is stuck there, the other was on its way to destination for 2 days (it's a 4pmin drive...) and now is back in Opa Loka. I really need my school book. Please, god, please let all this comments not apply to me, and allow me to recieve my package. Talk about snail mail. Thanks. For reference, the package shipped on September 26th. A lot of finger-pointing is aimed at the US Postal Service’s South Florida distribution center in Opa-locka, an industrial city in northern part of Miami-Dade County. I have a package over there for almost 3 weeks :( Is a pending gift. Round-up of top news and topics for each of the following cities: Editorially-curated headlines and news to know for the following areas: The numbers behind office leases, retail, sales and financing. This all packages will be return to the seller and I want to try to fix it up before this happen. Saludos Muy buenas, I am trying to obtain a usps tracking number and/or signature of the recipient for a package, package with china post tracking number LS660279133CN, Delivery to 8401 NW 17TH STREET, DEPT#43-12908, MIAMI FL, 33191. And nothing will ever be done about stolen packages out of opa locka. enter the offices of OPA LOkCA with an M16 and finish it off, so they can fix that damn black hole they have in that office, I need to know about my damn package. Good Luck to all! Nov 04 2020, 12:53 pm, MIAMI,FL, Entregado, PO Box this is going to Tampa, should've been delivered the same day, especially on Priority Mail, you guys have been holding my package since the 10th! WE DO NOT WANT MORE USPS for 2021, 4203305492748927005455000004099667 entregarlo a la direccion porfavor gracias, Good night, my package goes as delivered to my address but not this, I need to know who signed the delivery. Property records show Alermar II LC, a company owned by Ameriworld CEO Julian Rubio, sold the property for $8 million. package is at this location for 5days and i payed for express shipping!! I NEED ANSWERS. I'm not going to casually allow people to take advantage of their access to information or other peoples belongings. My seller level was downgraded because of the shipping delays (USPS fault!) About USPS. This is not the 1st time I've had this situation with this post office, it's been going on for years. The owner of Ameriworld, an e-commerce fulfillment company, sold a four-building industrial warehouse in Opa-Locka amid rising demand for affordable industrial space in Miami. My order was supposed to be delivered on Monday 11/13. Where the f*** my shit at I'm getting aggravated like shipp my shit the f*** off why is it still in Florida for the past 3 days & the numbers don't even work like wtf. where is my package? Finally appeared in opa locka, where they shipped it to 33307....not my post office. Opa Locka Post Office Opa-locka FL 550 Fisherman Street 33054 305-681-8562. I contacted 800 customer services, Flamingo office 33027, text messages look like not one know where is the package. I will never order from a merchant that uses your postal services again. Last time using USPS for shipping or anything if I can help it. Due to rising rents, tenants from Hialeah who moved from Doral are now looking to submarkets like Opa-Locka, according to De La Rosa. I will not buy anything else if it has to go through this facility. Package going to Summerfield and did not arrive by the expected delivery date which is 10/5. Carrier: Yun Express This is unacceptable. OPA LOCKA USPS DISTRIBUTION CENTER. Who the hell is working the office? What kind of crap and games are these people are playing. I'm currently in the same situation. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. I want to receive the service that I've already paid for. This place is seriously the black hole of USPS. My husband will miss the once in a lifetime chance to visit his home country of Cuba due to this incompetence!!! 9400109699939184751941 WTF!!!!!!!!! This current situation... Job email alerts. us post office royal palm processing & distribution center opa-locka • us post office royal palm processing & distribution center opa-locka • us post office royal palm processing and distribution center opa-locka • us post office south florida l&dc opa-locka • us post office south florida landdc opa-locka • 9300120111402850071610. I have to send refund for the item, because it was never delivered. Does anyone have any experience going to the center and simply picking up the package yourself? Order #9405510298370904403520 "Shipped" on Feb.28 and it hasn't left yet. I received one after a three week delay and have one that is lost in a loop that sent it back from my post office to Opa Locka. On August 10, 2018, mailed a CERTIFIED packet, signature requested, with very important papers from Georgia to a lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale. This place is the worst ever. I need a redelivery to my address in Miami-FL before of the 5:00PM. Maybe that's the problem, nobodys working. These cookies do not store any personal information. Called the 800 number on hold 45 mins was hung up on.Called back on hold again. Please help me. My sister purchased a live fish under express shipping(I know, its horrible, I don't agree with it but ultimately her decision). My tracking said it got delivered there on Nov. 23 and it is now Nov. 30.... hasn't moved in 7 days? Verified employers. Waiting on a certified mail document that is essential for travel next week- my visa! What happend with my package? I am going on vacation and I needed this for my brother's wedding gift ABSOLUTELY BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!! They are Fish Murderers. Birthday present -Jan. 17 Still not there!!! They have my school book, I tried calling Opa Locka I just keep getting a busy signal and I can't get through to them. HURRICANE CENTER. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 9405536897846946872679 - Where's my package!? Thanks. I NEED MY PACKAGE you have a package of mine which is going to my son at AOp / for 7 weeks now ? Ajulia Executive Search Boca Raton. This package has been in your offices since October 19 and to date no movement has been updated and obviously it did not reach its final destination, I want to know the reason, thank you, Hello, how could I contact customer service, 9449011202555311920559 - where is my package? Mine is 33312, so they decided to send it back to opa locka..??? Free, fast and easy way find a job of 1.533.000+ postings in Opa Locka, FL and other big cities in USA. Im assuming this is still going on. My package is arrived to Opa Locka distribution center, and never depart from the place. Please I need your help because there was a problem with the address and It could not be possible to deliver my package, 9400109699937400450357, Opa-locka / ˈ oʊ p ə ˌ l ɒ k ə / is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the population was 15,219. Package sitting at this location in Opa Loco for days without moving? The item is currently in transit to the destination." The buyer is Esteban Madruga, a primarily multifamily investor. My package was supposed to be at my house on Friday 12/26 and it's now Wednesday 12/31 and hasn't left there. ... FL 33054 and its mailing address is 3808 Nw 125 Street, Opa Locka, FL 33054. Not acceptable. Opa-locka awarded $1.05 million to assist residents with outstanding payments for mortgage and/or rent. It was mailed at this center on May 15, 2019 and tracking info shows it has been in transit with no further location scans since then. All rights reserved © 2020 The Real Deal is a registered Trademark of Korangy Publishing Inc. I have a package sitting here from 2/27/15 and the status says delivered, undelivered address. location in broward county. I’m tired of my packages being delayed in the Opa packa black hole! Hi, I need your help. The 2.56-acre site includes the 68,000-square-foot warehouse at 14900 Northwest 22nd Court. Hello, my package comes from China with this tracking number LY195211115CN, it came to you on 04/08/2020, they tried to deliver it on 06/08/2020 and I still haven't received it, I would like to know where my package is, please inform me, thanks. #5-001221 And why would they be able to continue to give such horrendous service to US Mail? MIAMI, FL 33195-3413 United States 9400110200882658945017. Called number on this page and it rang but no one ever picked up. What is going on? I have missing package issues in my own area (East coast, Central Florida). United States Postal Service's "OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER" is one of the worst that I have ever experienced! OPALOCKA POST OFFICE IS HANDS DOWN THE WORST POST OFFICE IN THE COUNTRY.. my business suffers financial losses MONTHLY due to these lazy, inefficient employees they have. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for United States Postal Service Distribution Center locations in Opa Locka, FL. This is the complete address: This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Why would you PAY for your reputation to get screwed up and let down the American public like this? Your item departed our OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER origin facility on November 18, 2017 at 3:11 am. Opa Locka Community Release Center is located at 7300 Laurel Hill Drive, Opa Locka, FL, 33054-4310. How can you not care about your customers? *This facility does not process US Passports applications or renewals. Seriously no one sees that their is some thing terribly wrong with this location how long will packages go missing before something is done. I paid for priority 3 day shipping, and now it says its delayed. Availability. Helio, sorry I put the wrong direccion in the package of LS768322555CN. U.S. retail spending slows but still higher than last year, Arkadia buys cold storage warehouse in Allapattah for $5M, Steelblock buys Opa-locka apartment complex for $8M, Developers land $19M construction loan for Opa-locka affordable housing, Cast away: Boatmaker sells Opa-locka warehouses for $11M, “Alligator Ron” Bergeron sells properties near Miami airport to Prologis, Realterm Logistics pays $26M for warehouse facility in Opa-locka, 55-acre site near Hialeah hits the market for $15M. My package is at this location for 6 days and I can't contact anybody to answer , the phones are just busy?? How has it left the distribution center twice... 3 days apart, I wonder? according to the trajectory that the package of its facilities takes, I made the delivery to the address 1603 nw 79 Ave., D01-041415 Production Supervisor. I doubt about they went to delivery or not, because I was at home the hole day and nobody came. Can't reach anyone on the phone after the first runaround with whoever answered the first call. I don't want to pay more. This is absolutely the work distribution center ever. They are the reason the postal office needs to be shut down. Been "in transit" for two weeks now. tryin to contact the post office in opa locka and getting no answer Find Kmart Distribution Center jobs in Opa Locka, FL. Parcels are waiting here for: Minimum: 0hr: Average: 1d 10hr: Maximum: 47d 23hr: … $13.00/Hour. WHERE IS THE PACKAGE?? Getting in contact with this office is impossible! Find Walmart Distribution Center jobs in Opa Locka, FL. Information about Helen L. Miller Center. Was not delivered in Houston for not having the apartment number. however, my tracking updates have stated that it has departed Opa Locka & is on its way to its destination TWICE now. I have a package that was suppose to been shipped out of this whole. I am tried to contact over the telephone not one answered. Today, the USPS has grown into the world's largest postal delivery service, processing and delivering nearly half of the world's mail. I DO NOT HAVE ANY RESPONSE TO A PACKAGE THAT IS URGENT TO ME, IT IS HORRIBLE THAT A PACKAGE WAS DELAYED SO MUCH TIME NOTIFYING SEVERAL TIMES IN THE OFFICES THAT IS AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. The principal is Carlos Carmona from Maimi FL. I am an eBay seller and I have at least 20 packages with no update since last week, it is killing my business. The supervisor is another joke she has no answer for anything she goes and ask the employees and repete whatever nonsense they answer the from desk clerk .... is like the front line of the dogs from a shelter about to get rabies vaccination can’t tell who is more rude and all your problems and concerns keep them nobody is going to resolve them neither will they pay attention maybe it will be a good idea to print them and give every single one of them on a envelope for Xmas that’s the only month the look at you like they care I hope This office shuts down and Miami garden north Miami hialeah take overs but getting rid of every corrupted employee hiring new employees better yet I hope they close the postal mail and let new era new companies take over the mail system amazon Shopify google all best customer service how it supposed to be! Washington Post | 14d. Due to rising rents, tenants from Hialeah who moved from Doral are … First time something happens to me, how incomida situation should remove this post office because it is useless, took eight days waiting for my packages were arrested in receiving this department ... Is there something wrong with the people working at this post office? Maybe that's the problem, nobodys working. My package was suppose to have been received by November 16, 2017. WTF??????????????? I order from someone that uses the HIALEAH, FL. Distribution Overstock. Description Legal. I guess it's still there. By mistake it is not added to the delivery address "APTO 104" to my packages. Distribution Overstock. This is the worst sorting facility in all states. Can you help me? My package has been sitting there for 2 weeks. Opa Locka distribution center is the Black Hole of the USPS service this place deserves to be shut down. LH065995045US, 9405503699300038272928 where is my package. 1300 COLLINS AVE. MIAMI BEACH FLORIDA, 33139 Amazon’s Opa-locka robot distribution center marks Black Friday, Cyber Monday By Rob Wile. I have had bad experiences with Opa Locka sorting center in past, but nothing recent. Opa-locka awarded $1.05 million to assist residents with outstanding payments for mortgage and/or rent. I ordered a package four days ago and it arrived there on the first day, it was supposed to be delivered to me two days ago. Help please...Anyone?? Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers. Order #9400111699000800201829 This is why we use FED EX! My packaged, 9405511202555831352367, has been at this location for over ten days. International Distribution Center (Bah) LLC. Package sitting at this location in Opa Loco for days without moving? Wow I've read the comments and I shocked that my item went to this location and now is stuck there from March 3rd 2017. Der Opa-locka Executive Airport ist ein größerer nationaler Flugplatz in der Kleinstadt Opa-locka im Miami-Dade County in Florida. I have about 7 packages and by mistake I never included the number of the apartment where to ship all of them. I have a pack which has delayed our travel because it is sitting in this location for 10days. lol. Ready to call my congresswoman. I thought it must be a fluke, a freak coincidence - but then I ordered another package from that same area in early December...which again was routed to this HORRIBLE LOCATION; it's been "processed through USPS sort facility" 9 TIMES now over a day and a half! 13 Amazon Fulfillment jobs available in Opa-locka, FL on Indeed.com. The U.S. Like everyone else, my package is sitting in the Opa Locka distribution center for days. Distribution Overstock. I recommend doing what i did because i thought my package was stuck here to but they actually shipped it from there yesterday it just never updated. consumer affairs stepped in and all of a sudden the package left the facility and arrived at its destination in south miami. Absolute worst I have ever experienced. Every time I ship orders on Saturday, one goes missing and tracking shows only “a label was printed in city/state/zip”. Spoke with a very nice lady and told her of this situation at this postal location, I recommend that everyone does the same. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 1.108.000+ postings in Opa Locka, FL and other big cities in USA. Allied Universal Services is currently searching for a Professional Security Shift Supervisor. Er dient hauptsächlich zur Entlastung des nahegelegenen Flughafen Miami, daher wird der Flughafen hauptsächlich von kleineren Flugzeugen im nationalen Verkehr angeflogen.Weiterhin dient er der U.S. Coast Guard als Air/Sea Rescue Station. Find Lloyd Center jobs in Opa Locka, FL. And Im almost tempted to buy a plane ticket from Pittsburgh just to do so!!! Opa Locka, FL . I've filed a missing package but no answers yet. It better get here before i leave because i'm gonna RETURN EVERYTHING!!!!! Hialeah’s industrial market, like Doral, has seen large transactions. This the Christmas gift for my 85 year old mother she suppose to receive not later than 12/23/17. Contact 305-953-2875. Opa-Locka warehouse near Amazon distribution center sells amid rising demand As a Professional Security Officer for Allied Universal you will be Responsible for the Security and Safety of our client’s property and personnel. there and what they are actually doing. Allied Universal Opa-locka Part-Time. Destination- St. Augustine, Florida 277 miles 4 1/2 hour driving time! How do you contact this post office? Allied Universal Opa-locka Part-Time. Atentos Saludos, The Shift Security Supervisor will supervise and coordinate the delivery of quality services on a specific shift at an assigned customer. Twice withing the last month, I have had delayed packages that have tracked through Opa Locka. also a delay... 'departed on 4/19' then 'delayed' with no update as of 5/11/17. It has a net operating income of nearly $614,000 a year, according to marketing materials for the property. that an agent is charged to make the delivery. I have tryed to open a redelivery online, but the system say "Sorry. Phone: 305-681-8562 This is UNACCEPTABLE. 4406 NW 74Th AV. Not sorting mail, that's for sure. 【OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER】 - USPS Locations Find out the【OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER】whereabouts on the mobile-adaptive Map☝ All the devices are supported Couriers; Tracking; FAQ; Reviews; Contact Us; Track Button - Widget; OPA LOCKA FL DISTRIBUTION CENTER . Warehouse Supervisor (3PL) Goodwill Industries of South Florida Inc Miami. Arrived at USPS Regional Facility this is the worst post office i have ever dealt with you call and they hang up the phone no one will even pick up the phone to talk to me about my package this post office is worst how come this post office can get away whit doing people this way they let the phone ring pick it up and then hang the phone up. Already went to my post office were it was sent from-a waste of time. Did you end up receiving your package ? People's livelihood relies on packages being delivered and the imbeciles working here are busy shoving their fingers in each others a$$. I have called customer service millions of times, sent email, and we to my local office. Facilities. This location serves 29,061 Opa Locka residents with a median income of $25,660. Goliath Construction Consulting Fort Lauderdale. Packages sit there for days on end. Once again, my package has been sitting at this facility for days with no forward progress. Can someone please assit in helping me locate the package.

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