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spiced rum mixers

Rum mixers allow you to enjoy all the delicious flavors that rum has to offer, without creating complex cocktails. Explore our vast and varied range of rums, brought to you from the best distilleries from the UK and beyond. The juice is enough to make your drink more complex. Ice cream is fun as a mixer as there are so many different types to choose from. Slightly spicy, gently sweet ginger beer is an iconic companion to rum, as evidenced by the popular and trademarked cocktail, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Or try Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold in a Mai Tai with Curaçao and lime, the ideal choice for parties with friends where you want to serve them something special. Hot chocolate mightn’t be a common mixer, but this doesn’t stop it from being an amazing one. You may also find other flavors coming to the fore, such as woody notes, especially if you’re using aged rum. Pay attention to the ingredient ratio too. Combine BACARDÍ Spiced rum and soda in a Collins glass. FoodForNet is part of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, plus other affiliate programs. Beautifully blended aged and unaged rums from Barbados, Dominican Republic & Jamaica, spiced with blood orange, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla to make this a complex, vibrant and juicy spiced rum. Rum and Coke is a classic combination if you’re drinking low-quality rum or are looking for a simple drink while you are out. Few spirits conjure up a sense of place as rum, the sugarcane-based spirit that originated in the Caribbean and has lent itself to all manner of tropical cocktails. Lemon juice is a good choice for dark rum, while lime is ideal for light rum. I wanted to add a bit of a twist to the classic mojito, so going with spiced rum (instead of white rum) was a good start. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, many of the best rums are surprisingly affordable, Everything You Can Order Online To Stock Your Home Bar For The Long Haul, Covid-19 Conversations: Paul Mabray on How Businesses Can Take Care of Their Ecommerce Customers. 1 dash grenadine syrup For a light, refreshing rum highball, squeeze a few lemons into a Collins glass with your preferred dark rum, and top liberally with club soda. Born and raised in the Caribbean then on to Finishing School in Hampshire! Bold, smooth, and tropical. Spiced rum is usually the drink of the summer for me. Best served in a tiki glass, but delicious however you pour it up. Some love the taste of drinking it neat/on the rocks but some say unless you're having it as a mixer you should stay away from it. Craft beer, artisanal snacks, monthly clubs, grilling, sous vide, and more. The soda water helps to dilute your drink and stops it from being too intense. Even just a few dashes should do the trick. While traditionally paired with floral gins or neutral vodkas, the bitter quinine in tonic water is an excellent complement to any rum’s funky sweetness. Before we move away from juices, cranberry juice deserves mention. Tonic water is mostly paired with gin, as the bitterness of the tonic combines well with gin’s floral notes. Ginger ale isn’t combined with rum nearly as often as ginger beer, but both types of soda do have some similar flavors. Spiced rum is a quick way to perk up a sleepy Daiquiri. Dark rums are especially good with soda water, as you get the chance to enjoy their complex flavors and spices. Plus, mixing soda water and rum gives you a drink that is easy to sip slowly. Flavored seltzer or soda water is an easy choice that makes your drink a little more interesting. You’ll end up with a drink that is far too sweet. This is one situation where you need to be very careful about which brand you choose. White rum will have a subtle effect on the flavor of the drink, while dark or spiced rum will have a more notable effect. I have not had much spiced rum, only as mixers and only of the usual captain morgan, bacardi, sailor … Grapefruit juice can combine well with rum, with the sweetness of the rum helping to balance out the harshness of the juice. If you’re using sweet iced tea, then any type of rum is going to work well. Cheers. The richer, heavier flavors of spiced rum would sink a cocktail served up, but they align perfectly with fruity mix-ins in a blended version of the classic. Regardless of how you prepare your hot chocolate, the rum will elevate it to an entirely new level. Or, you might make a more complex hot chocolate, such as one that relies on cocoa powder and sugar, or even on chocolate and cream. Doing so might be fine for making bottom-of-the-shelf rum palatable, but that’s about it. Rum’s sweet, molasses-y notes perfectly complement a quality ginger beer’s tangy sweet spice. 5 oz pineapple juice. If canned pineapple juice is your only option, consider making a cocktail instead, such as a pina colada. The addition of flavoring takes your drink to a whole new level. Take inspiration from these classic rum cocktail recipes and make the drink that makes the moment. Why stop there? Mix up a gombo and enjoy the sweet, refreshing flavor of sparkling citrus. Captain Morgan Rum is distilled from sugarcane and while it is aging, Caribbean spices are added to it to give it that extra spicy kick. But, a rum and Coke doesn’t need to be low-quality. Ginger beer is best with dark rum, while ginger ale pairs perfectly with white rum, creating a lighter and more refreshing drink. The variation is partly because rum is just defined as a spirit created from sugar. A classic highball, the combination of bittersweet cola with funky rum dates back at least 100 years, possibly to the Spanish-American War. Just be wary when combining the ingredients. Rum’s link to pirates and sailors hasn’t given the spirit a particularly refined history or reputation. Rim the cup with powdered sugar and nutmeg. Pour 1 oz of amaretto, ginger ale and dark Jamaican spiced rum (like Captain Morgan Black or Appleton Dark), each, with 1 tsp honey (all at room temperature) in a glass cup. The end result is well worth the extra effort. Slightly spicy, gently sweet ginger beer is an iconic companion to rum, as evidenced by the popular and trademarked cocktail, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Spiced rum, as the name suggests, has spices added in. While our staff was divided on coconut water, there’s no denying that it supplies the same tropical flair to a drink as Malibu or Coco López, but with a lighter touch. I know, doing so is a pain, and pineapples aren’t as easy to juice as citrus fruit. As a bonus, all those electrolytes in coconut water may help stave off a hangover. Using more ingredients in your drink means that the quality of any single component will matter less. Choose from 113 drink recipes containing Spiced Rum. Barti is superb on it’s own, perhaps with some ice or a slice of orange. If you use 1 part rum, you should use about 2.5 parts of orange juice. Instead, you’ll just need the rum itself and one other ingredient. The list runs from sweet to spicy and even bitter mixers, all of which play off rum’s flavors, which range from tropical and grassy in lighter rums to caramelly and complex in aged rums. There are three main types of rum – light, dark, and spiced. Anyway, I was looking at reviews for Kraken Black Spiced rum and found mixed reviews on it. Dark rum or spiced rum is a perfect addition to unsweetened iced tea. You’ll need to use a blender to combine the ice cream and rum, but the end result is well worth the effort. Still, all of this seems to be changing. Buy Liverpool's number one Spiced Rum. For example, Jamaican rum is likely to be dark or golden, with fairly intense flavors, while Cuban rum is often lighter. Or mix up a … Finest Carribean Rum infused with Vanilla, Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Tea and Orange. Wine and beer are good, but rum cocktails are so much better! Pick a spicier, less sugared option to highlight the sweetness in your rum, then add some lime juice and feel great about your decisions. I just had this rum for my first time with my father in law after a family beach day. Inspired by The Old Dock of Liverpool and the Rum, Tea, Sugar and Spices that flowed through the city via the Dock. Rum mixers allow you to enjoy all the delicious flavors that rum has to offer, without creating complex cocktails. The juice is a bright and vibrant mixer for rum, one that also helps to balance the characteristics of the rum. Learn more about Spiced Rum in the drink dictionary!. (Depending on the brand, you might wish to also add some citrus for flavor.) The differences between ginger ale and ginger beer influence the type of rum that you use. THE INGREDIENTS. BACARDÍ rum is a natural mixer. Alcoholic Sherbert Delight (Cocktail) Absolut Mandarin Vodka, Gin, Grenadine, Orange Juice, Spiced Rum At times like these, it's best to keep your distance and ride out the storm. The combination works exceptionally well with dark rum, due to the spirit’s complex flavor notes. Some of them are simply higher quality versions of tonic water, where the manufacturers avoid artificial ingredients to create a mixer that tastes much better. 12 votes, 30 comments. Hi! Besides, juicing oranges isn’t too tricky. Garnish with a slice of lime, and serve.-*-1/2 oz Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum. (Luckily, many of the best rums are surprisingly affordable.). Using ice and a splash of lime elevates this drink so that it is akin to a more complex cocktail. ... You’ll discover how the soda’s spiced cola notes dance above the caramel, tropical fruit and floral flavors of the rum, along with other highfalutin tasting notes you’d never think could apply to spiked soda. You can combine the rum and coconut water in a tall glass, shake well, and add ice cubes. I am one who experiments with all spirits. Your email address will not be published. The first of the good mixers for rum is tonic water. When you click links to and other websites, we earn a commission. Depending on the rum’s age, the tonic water may play off its floral and woody notes as well. These spicy notes shine through in the spirit, which is bottled at an amazing 45% ABV. This choice is especially important for rum, as there can be major differences between different rums. There are many craft tonics out there now. It has a medium to long finish, with touches of apricot and caramel. Iced tea tends to work well with the flavors of bourbon and rum is effective for the same reasons. 2 oz collins mix. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is a versatile spiced drink that can be mixed with a lot of drinks. As with any cocktail, a good version starts with high-quality ingredients, which means fresh fruit and good rum. As with other spirits (like whiskey, gin, and tequila), the best mixer is going to partly depend on the rum that you choose. Go heavy on the rum or light, either way it’s a great drink. My name is Rick and is just a website about food and drink that I like. Rum can now be seen in many cocktails, ranging from the simple to the complex, the fun to the refined. This makes it perfect for anyone who is new to mixing rum. Look for brands that rely on natural ingredients and be sure to check the ingredients label. Great Spiced Rum, Give it a Shot. The citrus has a similar balancing effect to pineapple juice, while still allowing you to enjoy the complexity of the rum. The flavor of your ice cream will determine what your finished drink/dessert tastes like, so experiment with different options until you find one that you love. It’s easy to overlook soda water as a rum mixer, but doing so is a shame. You can use fruit punch instead or a store-purchased fruit juice that combines multiple juice types. 5) Coconut water: You can combine 2 ounces of rum and 2 to 4 ounces of fresh coconut water to create a refreshing drink. Or mix up a white rum and ginger ale for something a little lighter. (And consult our rundown of the best tonic waters.). The oversight is a shame, really, as orange juice and rum do combine well. Dark rum has been aged, which gives it a more complex flavor profile, while light rum hasn’t been through much aging. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE. You'll begin with a shot of spiced rum, add … Karisimbi Spiced Rum. Orange juice is a popular mixer, especially with vodka and sparkling white wine, but it isn’t often combined with rum. However, mixing rum and canned pineapple juice just isn’t the same. ), Flavored seltzers, whether they’re made with natural flavors or mixed with juice (try Spindrift’s new pineapple seltzer), can offer almost limitless flavor options, in addition to the bright, refreshing fizz that has made hard seltzer a runaway hit. Anyway I was looking to purchase a drink that my friends and I could drink from the bottle (no mixing) and have fun together. After all, you’re normally adding in other ingredients too and you’re not going to be using a large amount of these tart juices at a time. A little lemon juice can be helpful also. Combine ingredients in a small highball glass filled with ice cubes. Stand a cinnamon stick in the cup and enjoy the warmth. Not only can these additions make your drink taste less appealing, but they may not be great for your health either. This pre-superfood medical wonder is great in tea, in a syrup, and in fizzy ginger beer for a healthy mixer with a punch. First, fill a highball glass with ice and pour in your rum of choice with tonic and shake well. (Go ahead, mix rum with mango White Claw. 23.8k members in the rum community. If you like a vodka screwdriver, you'll dig this recipe. Garnish with an orange slice or twist. Most importantly, apple cider highlights the sweet aspects of rum. Technically speaking, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy is only made using Goslings Black Seal Rum, but in practice, any type of dark rum works well. Still, you can simply mix rum with lemon juice or lime juice. The States That Love Champagne the Most [Map],, wbs_cat Spirit, wbs_type Rum, aged rum, dark rum, mixers, roundup, rum, Covid-19 Conversations: Paul Mabray on How Businesses Can Take Care of Their Ecommerce Customers | VinePair,, wbs_cat Wine, business, coronavirus, online shopping, Paul Mabray, Wine Business. 1/2 oz peach schnapps. Other craft tonics add subtle flavors, like lemon or grapefruit. But if you want to explore what other options are out there (and why wouldn’t you, we like a tall drink as much as the next guy) we have put together a selection of mixers which we think work well with our spiced rum. Because the two ingredients both contain alcohol, your drink ends up with higher alcohol content than most of the others on this list. What makes these recipes good is the blend of different flavors, that’ll leave you wanting for more. Try combining a craft cola with white rum or spiced rum and see the flavor differences. Using too much cola buries the flavor of the rum almost entirely. Photo by Andrew Pustiakin/Shutterstock. Adding a little sugar and club soda is a good way to enjoy the flavors of grapefruit juice and rum, without too much intensity. Throw in some lime juice and … For any other type of rum, consider a ratio like three parts cola to one part rum or even two to one. Spiced rum and ginger beer is no Dark ‘N’ Stormy (that specifically requires Goslings), but it’s delicious nonetheless. While out camping sounds a great mix , Your email address will not be published. A hot chocolate with rum. Even without additions, sweet vermouth and rum make a great combination. While rum mixers often rely on tropical flavors, apple cider is a surprisingly good mixer too. Don Q oak barrel spiced rum (45% ABV) Aged for a minimum of three years in white oak barrels, Puerto Rican Don Q spiced rum is infused with a blend of cinnamon, vanilla, clove and nutmeg. Unsubscribe at any time. Create a fresh and tasty Rum Collins with soda, lemon and sugar. Adding tonic wa ter to a well-aged rum creates a beautifully refreshing beverage. Ice cream makes a very decadent mixer. What to Mix with Spiced Rum. Share with friends. In fact, the mix of ginger beer and rum has its own name – the trademarked cocktail Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Like cola, ginger beer is a classic soda mixer that pairs well with countless different spirits. With its faint but noticeable minerality, club soda brings out a rum’s inherent nuttiness, and can temper a spiced rum’s heat. Spiced Rum Mixers - What to Mix with Spiced Rum Coming up in this video I’ve got five cracking mixers specifically for rum that I think you're gonna want to try. This combination is much better if you rely on freshly squeezed orange juice, rather than a bottle from a store. Rum tends to have molasses undertones and these perfectly complement the sweetness and creaminess of a hot chocolate. Most rum is made from molasses, but cane sugar can be used instead and is in some cases. You might choose to rely on a hot cocoa mix and water or milk, then add the rum in. BACARDÍ Spiced & Pineapple. While limes are typically the citrus of choice in such classic white rum cocktails as the daiquiri, floridita, and mojito, a number of our staff extolled the virtue of aged rum with lemon juice (and maybe a splash of soda.) Even just using cola with real sugar can make a world of difference. At the same time, there are many rum mixers to choose from. Tradition dictates that rum is enjoyed with Coke, rather than Pepsi or off-brand soda, but really the highball drink has a similar flavor regardless of the cola that you use. You can also play around with the type of tonic water that you use. I received it as a gift. A squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice often helps too, but even this isn’t essential. This isn’t always bad, especially if you’re using cheap rum, but it can be easy to drink much more rum than you intended to. Amaretto, Bacardi White Rum, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Cranberry Juice, Grenadine, Myer's Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Southern Comfort, Triple Sec, Tuaca Dirty Bong Water #2 (Shooter) Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Maui Blue Hawaiian Schnapps, Peach, Raspberry Liqueur, Sour Mix, Southern Comfort Dirty Hairy Snatch (Shooter) For example, Jamaican rum is likely to be dark or golden, with fairly intense flavors, while Cuban rum is often lighter. BACARDÍ rum is a natural mixer. That same bitterness is a good choice with rum too, helping to balance out the sweetness of rum. Some brands rely on artificial flavors or other additives. Best Mixers for Rum Cocktails. Ideal for summer barbecues, or simply to relax at the end of a hard week, this cocktail totally hits the spot.. While the lime isn’t necessary, it does provide appealing complexity to the drink. #SpicedRum #SpicedRumMixers Spiced Rum Mixers. Filed Under: Spirits Tagged With: Cocktails, Drinks, Rum, Artisanal snacks, craft beer, monthly clubs, international cuisine, outdoor grilling, sous vide... and more.​​Get a weekly curated list of the BEST content from Food For Net, Great list , I’m new to rum . It’s one of the main ingredients in a piña colada, and makes a nice addition to a daiquiri for good reason. You’ll also find variations in other areas. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold also makes the perfect base for some of your favourite rum cocktails. As a general rule, the fewer ingredients that are added in, the better. Some versions of the cocktail add in a squeeze of lime as an extra ingredient. The secret to this winning, if unexpected, flavor combination has its roots in flavor science. The combination has a distinctly tropical flavor, without the overwhelming heaviness and sweetness that is present in many tropical rum cocktails. Such additions can tone down some of the harshness of tonic water, while also adding more complexity to your drink. A dedicated online rum shop, bringing you spiced rum, overproof rum, dark rums, golden rums and everything in between. You still get the same advantages as regular soda water in that the flavor of the rum remains dominant and you get a drink that is easy to sip. There is no single way to make this drink. Is Brewing Know-How the Secret to Distilling Great Craft Whiskeys? That includes sous vide, slow cooking, grilling, smoking, and homemade pizzas. 2 oz cranberry juice. While the pairing of rum and vermouth isn’t as popular as other spirit and vermouth combinations, the combination shouldn’t be overlooked. You could take the process a step further by using a little soda water as well. Plus, many types of apple cider have some tanginess, which offers a nice contrast. Coconut water and rum is an interesting choice. Rhum agricole-based coconut liqueur further complements the star rum. The flavor profile of the canned stuff is all wrong. Using a fruit punch or a mixed fruit juice also gives your drink more complexity than you’d find otherwise. Spiced rum is pretty much the most mixable drink I can think of.. it goes with almost anything.. seriously.. Here are eight of our favorite rum mixers. Tropical fruit juices are common examples of this pattern and these area ideal mixers for rum. As Bar & Restaurant explains, the quick burst of citric acid from a lemon complements the body of an aged spirit, while the lingering malic acid present in limes adds complexity to a clear one. This rum makes a super ‘spiced daiquiri’ – mix 2oz rum, 1oz cointreau, 1oz lime juice, 1oz sugar syrup, shake with ice, strain into a cocktail glass and form an orderly ‘Q’. Well I’ve got a lot more than five, but I'm going to focus on the first five. Lemon juice and lime juice are common ingredients in cocktails, but they’re generally not considered a mixer. Sweet vermouth offers fruit and floral flavors, which combine well with the somewhat spicy notes that you find in rum. (As for why we drink rum and Coke, and not rum and Pepsi, we may have a popular 1940s song to thank. Perfect with mixers or equally at home sipped over ice. Just How Natural Are ‘Natural’ Flavorings? You know you want to.). The tanginess of pineapple juice has the same balancing effect on rum as citrus (just be sure to juice it fresh), and has an understated earthiness that complements the natural woody floral notes of a gold or dark rum. Bring the Beast Home. Required fields are marked *. To assemble this roundup, we polled the passionate and opinionated VinePair staff for a totally subjective survey of the best mixers for rum. You can use 1 part rum with 4 parts tonic with an additional slice of lemon. While we’re talking about tropical flavors, here’s another example – pineapple juice. Try adding some bitters in for increased complexity, but don’t stress if you don’t have bitters at home. You might enjoy the finished mixture as-is or put it back in the freezer to harden up again. Add 6 oz hot apple cider mixed with a dash of lime juice, and stir lightly. We’ve mentioned various fruit juices as mixers already, but you’re not limited to a single type of juice. Traditionally, spiced rum has been seen as a sweet and sugary variant of the popular spirit, but thanks to a new generation of producers the category is hotting up. The combination may be particularly good for avoiding a hangover, as coconut water is hydrating and offers some extra electrolytes that you don’t get with water alone. Cranberry juice has a distinct tartness that makes it less sweet than most other types of fruit juice (aside from grapefruit juice, of course). Doing so is a fantastic chance to enjoy all the nuances of your rum, something that is harder to do when you are drinking it straight. There isn’t a single best type of rum, but the rum that you choose will influence the taste of your drink. However, while some people will enjoy grapefruit juice as a mixer on its own, others may find that the juice is too intense. Spiced rum is a versatile drink that works well in cocktails (see the Rum Collins), mixed with orange juice, apple juice or Coke, and you can also enjoy its rich, blended flavours over ice. Spiced rum, as the name suggests, has spices added in. The drink is built right in the glass over ice, so it takes just a minute or two to prepare. The sweet and sour tones of cranberry juice are ideal with rum, giving you a tasty drink, especially for the warmer months. In general, ginger ale tends to be drier and uses less sugar. The fruitiness of apple cider is one reason for combining it with rum and the sweetness helps too. Lemon juice and lime juice both work well in rum cocktails, so seltzer that uses one or both of these flavors is a good starting point. But while some tiki drinks can be complex affairs, the natural flavors of rum don’t require a litany of other ingredients to shine. 1/2 oz peppermint schnapps. And if you’re not completely sold on tonic, try a rum and “sonic,” a 50-50 mix of soda and tonic. The fruit flavors can easily overpower the rum entirely. Take inspiration from these classic rum cocktail recipes and make the drink that makes the moment. The decrease in sweetness allows the flavors of the rum to shine more powerfully, giving you a smooth drink that you won’t soon forget. I also make my own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast! Garnish with lime wedge. The catch is that you really should be using fresh pineapple juice, which means juicing the pineapple yourself. 3/4 oz Captain Morgan® Silver spiced rum. We respect your privacy. You’ll also find variations in other areas. Soda water combines well with any spirit, as the bubbles help to bring the drink up to a new level, without compromising the flavor of your spirit at all.

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