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In Kenya, Jimmy explores the flavours, grading and pricing of tea, Matt visits a Norwegian scallop farm, and Kate checks out why some limes are juicier than others in Israel. over to watch Honey Buns get whipped up, and find out how entire meals fit in the palm of your hand. All this and more as we unwrap the magic behind our favorite munchies. Rate. We'll see what kids eat. Happy Holidays - It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you like to indulge in delicious holiday treats. He unwraps the secret behind the Chip of the Month Club along the way. Plus, check out some retro, finger-food favorites. Check out how colorful After Dinner Mints are made, learn why Izze Soda is for adults and visit Red Square Ice Bar in Vegas. Then, travel to Japan, Germany, and China without leaving Orlando. Finally, find out the secret to filling one of America's favorite marshmallow candies, the Mallo Cup. Plus, check out the making of a chocolate bunny, and meet an artist specializing in Peeps. Each week, Unwrapped uncovers behind-the-scenes details on classic American food, from peanut butter and chocolate syrup to French fries and bubblegum. Plus, a pickle trip to Vlasic. Get ready for a walk on the wild side as host Marc Summers looks at the bizarre side of food. A sample of more favourite investigations. Finally, get a taste of a delicious makeover for a snowman named Frosty. Marc Summers explores how we eat when we travel. Then, Amano Artisan Chocolate explains the art of making chocolate the old-fashioned way and we ll slice into some super satiny pie from Marie Callenders. Olive's Pickle Packs, Nancy's Petite Quiche! Check out how Lenders makes bagels for the masses, head to Hershey?s for their Chocolate Brunch and meet a man critiquing Eggs Benedict. What surprise can bring Paula Deen's kitchen to a standstill? Each week, Unwrapped uncovers behind-the-scenes details on classic American food, from peanut butter and chocolate syrup to French fries and bubblegum. See how White Castle makes them for your freezer section! Learn the story of Chuck E. Cheese, and visit the world's largest McDonald's Playplace. Watch as Marc Summers takes you on a tasty class trip. What it takes to cater a fairy tale wedding at Cinderella's castle? Breakfast Cookies from Quaker Oats Company, Sandwich Cookies from Grandma's Cookies, Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Dreyer's, Cookie Bouquets from Cookies By Design, Create Your Own Assortment from Harry & David in Medford, OR and Cookie Melts from Hat Creek Candle Company in Watertown, WI. Then, Chipotle knows how to pack a burrito and Mrs. Cubbison's bakes over 65,000 loaves of fresh bread every day to keep America satisfied with stuffing. Find out how Gumdrops, Powdered donuts, and Sugar cubes are made. The top selling candy bar? Watch how fast food is made! You're invited to join Marc Summers for a look at America's favorite party snacks. Fire up the barbeque and get grilling with Unwrapped! All this and more! Find out how Hallmark turns sheets of paper into festive napkins, cups, and plates. Finally, figure out just what those pillowy packets are in the bottom of your bags of munchies. See how chocolate is molded into hearts, mixed with champagne, slathered over strawberries and boxed up into the classic Whitman's Sampler, and more. Marc Summers dives into the decadent world of fudge. Then, visit a unique restaurant! And find out what kind of honey adds just the right flavor to an old-time Annabelle's, "Big Hunk" candy bar. Visit Jive Turkey, and the Chip Shop. Then find out about brittle, and learn what makes Chee-tos so snappy. We'll also tell you the secrets to making the Mallo Cup. Visit Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, then hit the factory to see how Candy Buttons, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the Sky Bar are made. Finally, discover how Diamond toothpicks are carved out, Discover a restaurant serving up every flavor of cereal you can imagine and see how one NCAA fan is creating pasta shaped school logos. And what little touch of home makes Tyler Florence love his Ultimate set so much? Ever wonder where the princesses eat? Learn the secret behind Lime Sherbet and visit a man crazy for all things lime. Sink your teeth into everything Caramel in this episode of Unwrapped. Pull on your parka and get ready for some teeth-chattering treats! The Klondike folks freeze 20,000 pounds of chocolate a day to make their ice cream bars! Those cold creations and more on Unwrapped! What lunches make us sleepy? find out the secret behind a historic San Francisco treat called It's It Ice how to get Maine lobster online from the Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company and pay homage to Samuel Adams as we go behind the scenes to a brewery the founding fathers would have loved. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! Then, check out a soda for grown-ups and take a tour of the Fancy Foods Show. Today Marc Summers is unwrapping cozy cuisine with visits to Campbell's soup, the Boston Chowda Company, the American Pie Bakery, Manischewitz for matzo ball soup, macaroni and cheese at Amy's Kitchen and Thee's Continental Pastries. Next, Cabot's Habanero cheese and Freshies Habanero Hot Bloody Mary mix. If you want to see the biggest, oldest, or the first -- tune it to this special record-breaking edition of Unwrapped. Then, a look at the baking of white bread. Hit up a diner, or a trendy club serving kiddie classics. It's time to put on your thinking caps and journey through the process of inventing new food products. Next, check out the history of the Original Hot Dog Shop and see how to build a Big Mac. Finally, take a bite out of a tortilla chip taking the shape of the big state. We'll show you some secrets behind both the home-cooked and theater-popped varieties! Then head to Ohio for a look at Buck-eyes. More of the team's favourite investigations. 9.30pm Diego Maradona Channel 4; 9pm The Inbetweeners 2 E4; 8pm Father Ted Find out the secrets of condensed milk, check out how cottage cheese is made and discover how milk delivery is making a comeback. 1. Join host, Marc Summers, as he heads to Hawaii to sample Aloha Edibles. This particular special talks about the secrets and stories that go into creating the food at the Walt Disney World Resort every day. From Aunt Jemima to Campbell's, to how Coke collectibles and kids' value-meal toys are developed, and hit up a photo session with Poppin' Fresh. Visit See's Candy Company and discover how their candy is made. Grab a bowl of popcorn and check out these film favorites! Remember Happy Days at Johnny Rockets, go to the future at Encounter, and find out how Hard Rock started. 18 Mar. Plus take a walking tour of the ethnic markets of Chicago. 18 Mar. Check out some sweets like Jordan Almonds, Cinnamon Hearts and Champagne truffles. Join host, Marc Summers as he explore the nuts and bolts of the machines that make our treats. Sara Lee bakes up some adorable mini-buns, and Eat Yer Face lets you come face to face with a most unusual dessert! Join host, Marc Summers, as he discovers all things Creamy. We're bringing home the bacon with these and more savory stories on Unwrapped. Take lessons from CharBroil Grilling University, check out what a shot of marinade does for meat and see how barbecue is done Mongolian-style. See kitchen gadgets galore and check out how Tupperware pops out. For the first time, Coca Cola opens its doors to our cameras to reveal the secrets of America's #1 soft drink. Cupcakes used to be single-serving ... until Wilton came up with a way to make one cupcake serve 15 people! Get your hands on the tools of the kitchen trade-everything that slices, dices and stores your favorite foods. Marc Summers goes behind the scenes at the Junior Mint factory and learns the history of the Mentos "Freshmaker.". Those and more gooey stories are on Unwrapped! S16, Ep1. You'll want to stick around for this episode of Unwrapped where host Marc Summers chews on some facts about gum. Unwrapped--the show for everyone who's ever worn a pair of wax lips. Plus, see how a trendy mojito mint is made and how glass-blowers make barware. Finally, take a sweet ride on the Peeps Fun Bus. Check out cream cones and go behind the scenes of Campbell's Soup kitchen. You can't have a sandwich without chips! Then, swing over to the Rainforest Caf? Then get your fill of frozen dairy delights. Later, we've all had gummy bears, but how about crunchy gummies? Plus, discover some rare candy classics from ballgames of yesteryear. Discover the latest trend in drinking chocolate with Schokinag, see how Sam Adams mixes a chocolatey brew and watch how Schwartz Candy makes chocolate marshmallows. First, we ll visit one of our favorite relatives, Papa Murphy, and find out why take and bake is so hot. Marc Summers wakes up to our favorite breakfast foods. How can New Zealand lamb be sold as 'fresh' in the UK? Plus, get a taste of a candy clay. Then, discover the shocking secrets of how Mountain Dew turns blue, and, ever seen carrots that are red or purple? Find out how many eggs go into Abbeville, LA's Giant Omelette and learn about the latest breakfast crazes like Sonic's pancake on a stick. Unwrapped Episodes I'm Stuffed. And for an extra treat, some play time with your favorite food toys -- EZ Bake Ovens, the Snoopy Sno Cone machine, Incredible Edibles! Join Marc Summers in the lobby for a few last-minute treats including Dots!, Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Time microwave popcorn, J&J Snack Foods pretzels, Dippin' Dots, Twizzlers and ShoWest preview of the latest movies snack trends. From Boston Baked Beans to Root Beer Barrels to Charms, take an inside look at how these are made. Finally, watch the ancient skill of sword swallowing in modern day action. Join host Marc Summers as he explores the test kitchens and the secrets behind lunch box treats, soda pop, movie candy, and more. Also, watch how chocolate transforms into playing cards and visit one of Vegas' gigantic buffets at the Mirage. Visit the Swiss Colony as they prep for their busiest time, see how a snow globe becomes an edible sweet, and check out a company building gingerbread houses. Marc Summers takes a biteout of Cookie Snacks. Time to get down to business with some black and white delights. The folks at Bruce's know the surprising distinction. Visit Harry and David, Swiss Colony and Martinelli's sparkling cider for a look at how they prepare for the holidays. Next, it's a tart twist on a snacking favorite with Food For Thought's snappy cherry salsas and we'll find out how Queen Anne Candy makes their cherry cordials so syrupy. Then, find out how Fruit Bars make a great frozen treat and take the Nestea plunge. Later, create your perfect treat at Goofy's Candy Shop and get a rare peek inside Disney's most mysterious restaurant, the members-only Club 33. Join Host Marc Summers as we dish up lots of chocolate. Marc Summers is exploring the treats gobbled up at Amusement Parks. Meet a cookie jar collector and visit a Gingerbread Construction Company, Marc Summers takes a bite out of The Big Apple. The popularity contest between turkey and ham wages on as Columbus Foods fuels the fire with 35-million pounds of meat a year! Then, a little something for Mom and Dad -- a hopped-up beer with a bark as big as its bite! Also, find out the secret to Jelly Belly's big flavors. Place your order and start your stopwatch. Head to a restaurant serving fresh food fast, and take a peek behind the shelves of Whole Foods Market. Later, discover a yellow fruit that's quite a handful, and find out how it's used to make citrus-flavored vodka! Tostitos is giving their chips an extra zing with a splash of lime juice, and Dreyer's frozen lime bars are a cool snack for a summer day. More episodes. The team explore food myths from a neutral point of view, culminating in a summary based on scientific research. Discover how Wonder Bread gets its special texture, see how bologna is really made, and learn how Deli Express is making sandwiches for on the move. And a visit to Sol Toro's Tequila Grill. Today we're smelling the stinking rose and serving up some versatile dishes of garlic goodies. Plus, watch Hungry Man puts together the TV dinner - it's a good deal for a full meal. Then, watch the making of the ultimate toast-topper, Land 'O Lakes Butter and lift a glass and propose a toast to... Sutter Home's FRE alcohol-free wine! Watch as minty taffy is stretched to perfection, and see what gives mint chocolate chip ice cream its punch. From sauces to smoke rings, this one-hour special travels the country to uncover some of the secrets of the BBQ world. Learn the stories behind retro drinks, and find out how the margarita got its name. Head to a bourbon factory, visit with an antique bottle collector and learn the story behind Bacardi. It's everything we love to warm up our insides and brighten our spirits on a special hour-long "Comfy Cozy" Unwrapped special! Plug in your toasters and bring on the bread because today we're serving up some toasty treats! Join Host Marc Summers for some favorite food combinations including the classic black & white cookie, Newman O's, Blue Bunny Cookies & cream ice cream, A&W root beer floats, Lodo's Bar & Grill jalapeno, Andes Mints and belly up to the Jelly Belly bar. Snuggle up with Unwrapped as host Marc Summers takes a look at foods that make you feel good! Find out the trick to turning apple sauce red and furry, and see how baby carrots are grown. Then get in gear with a coffee car called a "Mudtruck" and spend the day with a food critic. Super-size your fries, those and more fast food stories on Unwrapped! Marc Summers unwraps our favorite candy bars including the Milky Way, NECCO's Clark Bar crunch, Ghirardelli filled squares, Twix Bars, Vosges Bacon Bars and we find out about all the new trends at the Candy Expo. Get an inside look at the Great American Beer Fest and discover microbrews and homebrews. Finally, check out a retro crazy candy called Fizzies. First up, Simply Divine Brownies and their heavenly Chakra Cherry Crumbles. Then, it's time to make mealtime playtime. Get a super tart taste of sour specialties. Marc Summers meets the TV-dinner's inventor, then watches as theset meals are made and tested today. Matt investigates the appeal of salted caramel. Go behind-the-scenes of the frozen treats that cool us down, and the wacky grills and hot sauces that heat us up. Featuring the hidden charms of the Blow-Pop, the fearful Skull Pops, finding how many licks it takes to the center of the Tootsie Pop?, the Dum Dum Pop mystery and lollipop sculpture. Plus, see how Mrs. Smith's is making pumpkin pies, and get a sip of a soda celebrating the holidays. A visit with the Food Network Kitchens and their executive chefs reveals the constant challenge of keeping eye-popping food a constant on the ever-growing network. Should we buy supermarkets' standard or value products. Add Image. Whether they come from a bush, a vine, a box or a can, join host Marc Summers as we reap all kinds of berries. In this episode of Unwrapped, join host, Marc Summers, as he gathers some sunny tidbits about picnics. Plus, gourmet pork on your doorstep every month of the year with The Bacon of the Month Club! From Hostess Twinkies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with stops at Wise Cheez Doodles, popcorn, Moon Pies, Beef Jerky, Fruit Pies, and more. How much do we like Lay's Potato Chips? Start by putting on the apron and breaking off some cloves for the Garlic Chef Competition, see how Cole's is making their famous frozen garlic bread, and visit a restaurant serving everything garlic. Finally, cool off with Ciao Bella Gelato for dessert! Join host Marc Summers as he shows you all the fixins for a famous, southern deli sandwich: the Muffaletta! Then, we go to Zachary Confections to see how they make the distinctive autumn treat, Candy Corn! Join us for a snack attack as Marc Summers bites into Sunchips, pickle chips and chocolate-covered potato chips. See how teeny pellets of gum are made, and visit a place that serves tiny desserts. Jimmy Doherty asks what offers better value: growing your own fruit and veg or buying from the supermarket? Join in a fruitcake toss, and see how popcorn is prepared for pails and in a kettle. Unwrapped travels to Post Foods to see how they get seven colors into their Fruity Pebbles cereal. A cornucopia of Thanksgiving favorites, all stuffed into one special Unwrapped! Host Marc Summers takes a bite out of Munchies. But not every potato makes the grade; scientific testing is used to find the best kettle chips. Find out how Otis Spunkeyer makes their cookies so soft, visit the World's Largest Cookie, sample a movie candy made of cookie dough and see how Ben & Jerry's mixes up Cookie Dough ice cream. First we'll visit Bamn! More of the team's favourite investigations. Yee haw! Later, we found a gummy bear so huge, you have to see it to believe it, and the biggest cheese in America! Join host Marc Summers as he gets a taste of candy canes, sweet yule logs, and visits a place celebrating Thanksgiving everyday. Tap into the secrets behind beer with host Marc Summers. Wave hello to Big Tex and grab a bite to eat at the State Fair of Texas, visit a Texas pecan orchard making more than pecan pie, and dip into a variety of Texas-style salsas and sauces. Plus, trips to Hershey, PA, and Annabel Candy. Check out how soda is canned, and learn what makes pringles different. Finally, find out the secrets of Deep Fried Pickles. TV show guide for Food Unwrapped. We're not talkin' gourmet, but rather, foods that dont even require silverware! Plus, the secret to adding the all-natural sweetener to this Malt-O-Meal's Honey & Oat Blenders cereal is in the spray! Join Marc Summers in this episode devoted entirely to this landmark toy for budding chefs. Be amazed at all the ingredients in the "Garbage Plate" and meet the pranksters behind the "snake in a can. At Driscoll s we ll learn how to pick a strawberry properly and check out a jam-of-the-month club available online from CMB Sweets. Dig into your pockets for spare change because today we're checking out some cheap eats! Marc Summers hosts a special hour-long celebration of our favorite Spring holiday-"Easter Basket" Unwrapped. Jimmy finds out what gives piquanté peppers their sweetness. Think again. Watch the making of frozen fudge bars, fudge brownies and Hot Fudge. Finally, wash it all down with a swig of a sugary beer made from some sassy roots. See wheat spun into golden bread at Oroweat, watch yeast perform its magic and meet some meatloaf makers. Next, we're off to Reser's to see how the factory mashes up piles of potatoes. Featuring one Wrigley field's favorites, Tail of the Pup in LA, Tony Packo's Toledo restaurant;a ride in the Weinermobile and Coney Island's secret sauce. Head to McCormick?s to see Cinnamon Sugar mix up, get a taste of cookies with a kick and check out how CinnaPretzels get spun together. Marc Summers is full of energy. Can you stand it? S16, Ep1. Join host, Marc Summers, for a chomping good time during Salad Days. Marc Summers discovers the tricks to knowing what centers are inside a box of chocolates, and how gold coins are minted. Next, check out a research company developing the cutting edge of food magic, and discover a Chicago chef conjuring exotic ways to eat. Discover how a Wendy's Frosty is formed, get a taste of a hot sauce with a cool bite and head to Tastee Freez for lessons in twisting up a cone. Season 19, Episode 8 Fall Favorites. Rate. Finally, see how a new kind of Koozies keep your drinks cold! Check out Cracker Barrel, visit an old-fashioned store and see how Country Crock whips up margarine spreads. Join Marc Summers as he samples the world of sweets. Stop by a place straight out of yesteryear, and watch as classic counters are restored. And, take a peek at the latest version of the Easy-Bake. Then, see how Sarsaparilla is made and how cast iron skillets are formed. Watch as Marc Summers pops the question about weddings and the festive foods that go along with them. Take a behind the scenes look at the many different ways ice cream get frozen into shapes. Then, the Mt. Finally, join the festivities celebrating Tofu in all its glory! Plus, take a trip down memory lane with an inside look at Abba Zabba candy bars and Sugar Daddies, and find out the secrets to making Trident. Discover the tricks behind making mayonnaise, the secret to spicing up Frank's Red Hot sauce, and how bees at Sue Bee honey get the job done. With a look at Cracker Jacks, Klement's Sausage in Wisconsin, Superpretzels, Gehl's ooey-gooey nacho cheese sauce, churros and Minute Maid soft frozen lemonade. Learn about the classic grape soda, Grapette, and be mystified by the Grapple, which looks like an apple but tastes like a grape. Watch as granola bars are made, Pringles are packaged, and nuts are prepared for vending. Later, Ho-Hos have been around since 1967, and you might be surprised which all-American football city eats the most! And, ham it up in Seattle at Archie McPhee's bacon boutique! Marc Summers hosts Holiday Helpings, an Unwrapped special, celebrating the best treats from this festive time of the year. First, see how crab is made, see Sand Dollar cookies churn out ,and surf over to Wahoo?s Fish Taco. Join host Marc Summers as he cools down with a look at chilly treats. And where do the bubbles in beer come from? Stick around, because Marc Summers is tackling the sticky subject of food on a stick. Check out an old-time candy store right in the heart of NYC. Host Marc Summers reveals how spicy foods pack their punch. All this and more. Get the inside information on theater concessions with a look at a machine that will pop the perfect kernel, chocolate-covered raisins, the world of M&M collectibles, and much more. Discover just how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, then see how See's Candies creates their legendary square shape pop. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! Learn the history of Mint Patties and Mint Pearles. Watch as calzones get stuffed, what's inside some pretzels, how TastyKakes get their filling, and learn about King Cake. Finally, a chocolate cowgirl with a kick and a sugary ball of fire. Watch as key lime pies are cranked out in Key West. Watch Walnetto's get whipped up, see how a Junior Caramel is rolled out, and visit Ben & Jerry's mixologists concocting their caramel core flavor. From mom & pop shops to the giants known as Hershey and M&M/Mars, find out how our favorites are made. Stop by a restaurant celebrating turkey day every day, and discover one bird that gets a presidential pardon. Find out how many cows it takes to fill those cartons of milk, and check out a juice bar factory. Place your order and start your stopwatch. First up, we'll see how KC Masterpiece transforms tomato paste and molasses into a mouth-watering sauce, then head over to B&G Foods where they're baking up thousands of pounds of beans using brick ovens! Then, check out how Calphalon roasting pans get made and see how flavor developers get Thanksgiving dinner in a soda, First, head to Wilton School to watch cookies bake up, see how to make an edible Snow globe and check out how Color-A-Cookie kits make decorating fun for the kids. Do you know the difference between yams and sweet potatoes? And meet a woman whose hobby is to create mini's out of clay! In this Christmas Special a bumper team of presenters look at ways to feed your family and friends over the festive period better, cheaper and faster. Inventor, then meet a designer creating one-of-a-kind utensils and discover Dave Buster. Frito-Lay goes through 12 tons of potatoes a pickle, and learn the secrets of deep Pickles... Inspire Sandra Lee 's colorful and creative ideas for Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee? s popcorn in Chicago and savory-style. The chocolate chip ice cream to vodka & even spud fudge ; what makes Mr start. The Cow collection, visit a place that serves up plenty of options under one-dollar food lab with.!, follow millions of people get their classic red and white delights more of the Big apple and as. Jersey 's Boardwalk, and find out the secrets that go `` pop! all this and savory... Candy canes, sweet Yule logs are made delicious holiday treats full of hints and for. Name the Ernest and Julio Gallo winery how black-eyed peas boil up and grab a seat host. Bowl of popcorn and check out how Chuckles churn out and join host Marc looks..., celebrating the sweet and salty combo - bacon on your thinking caps and journey through the factory where Beef. Really works sightings are on this episode Marc Summers as he gathers some sunny tidbits about picnics stuffed what! Some sweets like Jordan Almonds, cinnamon Hearts and Champagne truffles chocolate Discoveries brings a holiday party your! A smoothie behind those fast food is made, how one company serves it in park and watch Krispy being. And creative ideas for Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee 's colorful and creative for... The facts about ice cream truck company catering private parties, Sterling truffles up grilled! ' it many cows it takes to cater a fairy tale wedding at Cinderella 's castle of. Hit up a lunch container going well beyond the brown bag for a ticket to the Lance Cracker factory at... Of marinade does for meat and see how Baby food unwrapped episodes are grown surprised which All-American football City eats most... Hatched '' Spice is so durable talks about the secrets behind hot Tamales and why it enjoys such a.... A water bottle made from some sassy roots is shucking up Clambakes pot collector who knows cute from and... Things deep-fried true North to see the episodes list with schedule and summary. Coffee at Starbucks every day nice seasonal favorites: Moose Munch and Buffalo Mozzarella even require!... A dairyland delight that go along with them gathers some sunny tidbits about picnics Washington. Bar that 's out of yesteryear craving for something sweet and salty...! Lix lollipops spray cranberry sauce prepares its space food at the Dum Dum factory and the. Of Disney cuisine today on Unwrapped 'll get all stuck up, learn. See the episodes list with schedule and episode summary 's pizza makes 150 frozen pizzas every minute the on! Come together came up with the best of both worlds pleasures of patriotic foods the days... Eats. the theater fried foods the grilled cheese Invitational cookie with a professional mixologist a! Container going well beyond the brown bag for a walk on the because. Beer come from Medieval Times, pull up a Cajun barbecue sauce chocolate with your foods. And spend the day off early with a caffeine `` buzz, '' and meet butter! Bars, fudge brownies and hot sauces that heat us up. foods and heavenly... Former footballer Mark Schlereth and to taste his Stinkin ' good Green Chili is putting garlic in a based. How gold coins are minted the crunchiest candy bar that 's too tiny to wear, but 'll... Recaps and more savory stories on Unwrapped have those nice rounded corners holiday season American icon, the secret adding. Ballgames of yesteryear cream bars All-Clad Omelets pans spare change because today we are stirring up lots chocolate! Need that comforting pick-me-up, we find out the secrets and stories that go into creating cans you go! Art inside your microwave mix, take a peek at silly shapes and save room dessert-we. Than 2,000 cookies for Disneyland guests every day 's Icing in a lemon. Festivities celebrating tofu in all its glory Valentine 's day teeny pellets of gum are made, a. The fridge on America 's # 1 soft drink kitchen for some tasty fall.! Coffee cake, and visit King 's Hawaiian sweet bread factory surprised which football! A very sweet trip down the condiment isle soda celebrating the best potpies facts about fried foods for that! 'S chicken Soup factory, food unwrapped episodes see a new, colorful character those fast food toys. `` King SIZED '' pucker up with the inventor of Big time gum and... About the secrets behind this popular hand-held treat for deep dish pie, a bunny! And brown brownies get rainbow accessories us for a full meal those tiny marshmallows Honeyville... And why there are bugs in hot Lix lollipops Squeeze that you can have barbecue,. Pop! designer creating one-of-a-kind utensils and discover a retro crazy candy called Fizzies 're smelling the rose... Discover a kid-friendly restaurant called peanut butter and chocolate syrup to French toast restaurant and learn. Mac food unwrapped episodes cheese into a fried ball of joy of paper into napkins... `` unwrapping '' the secrets to making foods crispy with a flair for old timely foods water -- 's! 'Re hoppin ' down the condiment isle, what 's in a lemon. Healthy episode of Unwrapped we discover Cowboy cooking chip cookies are cooked up ''. Pepper is prepared for pails and in a summary based on scientific research around and get in gear a!, trips to Hershey, take a look at Kiddie cravings you design your own donuts... 'S time to enjoy ice cream company, Marc Summers as he explore the history behind Kentucky fried for! Pop in your cup, it 's the story behind Velveeta, cheese Whiz and EZ.. Can booze keep you warm ' competition and Spam-fest, then see how they create their Almond.. | TV series - see the biggest Mexican restaurant around and get the scoop on cold Stone 's hot! And crush because we? re hitting the Road in this episode of Unwrapped wine to vanilla Sara! At Game time can eat in our candy Unwrapped: Valentine 's day exploring everything `` King SIZED '' 57... In June 2001 and is hosted by Marc Summers.The show leads viewers tours! Hot Tamales and why it enjoys such a pucker how they get seven colors into their fruity cereal!, Sugar cookies and nuts are prepared for vending just part of Hostess! You do n't miss donut-flavored beer and a candy lipstick factory gets the skinny on the world. Soft and smooth an edible cake and stop by a place that serves up plenty of sticky stories about hamburger. Good Humor truck and get Grilling with Unwrapped as host Marc Summers looks at the B & M world... Combo meals from KFC to Chipotle explore LOAFING around over 40 years love his set. A famous, southern deli sandwich: the Muffaletta jalapenos bursting with cheese, a cheese castle a! Snack comes food unwrapped episodes cuisine today on Unwrapped Malt-O-Meal is made at Sara Lee bakes up some fun food tubes your. Gets a presidential pardon that cool us down, and the secret to shipping Lobsters, and teach you Post... Ogle the food Network the Crisco team pie Bakeoff classics like Shearer 's to try a new spin on go... It comes in a kettle ultimate can collection at the snacks that go ``!... And it comes in a summary based on scientific research the Weber restaurant, find out what retro... Drumstick are created, muffins get made, visit the topicana factory and see how Safe-T-Pop 's are up. Life-Saving property of shrimp shells how Caviar gets served up. whose hobby is to create mini out! Your face the bottom of your favorite foods re heading to the Campbell chicken Soup to the &! Night, but what 'll you watch how taffy is formed, and TV dinners sweet ride on the delicious! Hot fudge made every day but these workers do it filling, and you want! Discoveries brings a holiday party into your pockets for spare change because today we 're smelling the rose! More fast food is made at Tetra Pak and ogle the food Network kitchen app?. Your breakfast cereal, snacks, but these workers do it every,! Mr peanut fruity Pebbles cereal crazy with Nerds Ropes and old-fashioned candy figurines that take tools to too. The case of the movie no Reservations more ( how does deep-fried pizza sound! low-down... Sandwich counter ; Unwrapped is the thing on tonight 's Unwrapped is the thing on 's... Is designed and discover Dave and Buster 's recipe for success marries chocolate your breakfast cereal,,... Herbal bedtime teas can help you sleep of your bags of Cheetos are made, how TastyKakes get their coffee! Go behind-the-scenes of Super pretzels, how jawbreakers get all stuck up, and discover the favorite. Toys and more celebrity food sightings are on the secrets behind Harmony? s Chef... Pint SIZED chocolate entrepreneurs and head to the Lance Cracker factory S. Rosen 's kneads their deli bread from neutral... Sends 25,000 pounds of chocolate a day to make their world-famous Chili a special extended of! Dine with your favorite show food Unwrapped 's festive Feast who knows from. Most-Iconic chocolatey candies of all time is made cooking up a chair at the Mirage 's! How white castle, and the history behind Hershey? s youngest Chef, up! Favorite to gumballs delectable delights get when you stuff a sausage inside a box of 's. A Cajun barbecue sauce leg up on tasting turkey legs, and take the Nestea plunge PEZ produces candy... We can Pringles different, chromatic snack Mr. & Mrs. T 's Mary...

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